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Eating Pizza with Glue, Driving While in Court-Top Stolen Cars

Eating Pizza with Glue, Driving While in Court-Top Stolen Cars

Leons Headlines May 30: WestJet Encore pilots file 72hr strike notice. Pilots at regional carrier could go on strike in early June.

-Brandon residents curious if BPS will also get support from MB government after announcing new money for Wpg police to combat increasing number of violent thefts at retail stores & restaurants after a series of high-profile incidents in recent weeks.

-Riding Mountain National Park launched its seasonal inspection program for non-motorized watercraft this week with a change. Instead of choosing to apply for a watercraft permit online or in-person, all applications must be done in-person.

-Enormous new National Park proposed for Wpg would be known as Little Forks; 430 hectares, 3 times the size of Assiniboine Park & larger than Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

-MB dog lovers are unhappy about new rules introduced by the U.S. CDC. Starting Aug 1 dogs entering the U.S. must be 6 months old, have a microchip and a signed form certifying rabies vaccination within 30 days of travel.

-Faced with high housing costs, 1/2 of Canadians in largest cities consider moving; Montrealers pick Quebec City as a top choice while Toronto & Vancouver residents pick Edmonton.

-Vote16 Summit is on in Ottawa as part of a renewed push to try and lower Canada’s voting age. Countries where the voting age was lowered to 16 include, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

-Weather Network predicts more sunshine & warmer temps in Canada summer forecast.

-Oilers 5-2 win over Dallas; tie NHL Conference Final at 2.

I hear the secrets that you keep while you’re talking in your sleep. Great song, but all too common apparently. Sleepwalking is a common affliction affecting up to 4% of adults. Here are some crazy things people (or Animals) have done in their sleep.


Fast Food Price jump at your favorite burger restaurant is now the subject of anger and outrage, after prices jump 20%. It’s gotten so terrible, the President of McDonald’s had to write an open letter to America explaining “it’s not as bad as social media is making it out to be” however others feel it is in fact a serious challenge, especially with brands like McDonald’s who have relied on “fast and cheap” as a key to success over the years.

Trump Trial is done and now it’s the Jury’s turn to decide. Regardless of how you feel about the former US President, the current trial is historic and the verdict will undoubtedly be huge news around the world. Here’s the latest.

Ai is exciting and new and has huge potential, but it’s NOT done. There’s a few issues with the technology so proceed with caution. Google AI said to put glue in pizza — so this person made a pizza with glue and ate it.


Funny video of the year so far. How witless do you have to be to show up for a court date regarding a suspended drivers license while driving a car in a zoom call? Holy cow.

America’s Most Frequently Stolen Cars, Ranked. More than a million cars were stolen in the US last year, and these models were targeted the most. We’ve included a list of Canadian cars too. Meanwhile in Toronto, police are asking residents to simply leave keys in the porch to avoid confrontation with thieves.

MOST STOLEN USA: https://digg.com/data-viz/link/most-stolen-cars-US-2023

MOST STOLEN CANADA: https://www.optiom.com/canadas-top-most-stolen-cars-of-2023-unveiling-the-epidemic/

Toronto POLICE “Please Leave your keys in your porch”. https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/trends/toronto-police-is-asking-people-to-leave-car-keys-at-front-door-for-thieves-12499551.html

Could this be Red Lobster’s replacement? Fast-Growing Seafood Chain Plans to Open 26 New Restaurants. Captain D’s announced plans to open 26 new restaurants in three markets. As part of a recently signed franchise development agreement, the Nashville-based chain will open these new locations in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and North Carolina over the next several years. Could Canada be next?


Taylor Swift Fans Pressure Her to Speak Out on Palestine. Taylor Swift fans are putting pressure on the singer to speak out about the Israel-Hamas war … even going as far as demonstrating at the “Eras” tour over in Europe. Following an airstrike on Rafah Sunday — which reportedly killed 45 Palestinians.


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