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Free Grocery Store-Cheapest Fast Food-Oilers Are Canada’s Team

Free Grocery Store-Cheapest Fast Food-Oilers Are Canada’s Team

Leons Headlines June 3: RCMP officer slain in Virden honoured by bridge memorial over the weekend. Const. Dennis A. Onofrey was killed while investigating stolen vehicle in January 1978.

-The Mountain View School Division Board of Trustees has announced the departure of Stephen Jaddock from his position as Superintendent/CEO, effective immediately. No reason for the departure was part of a Monday press release, and a replacement announcement will be forthcoming.

-Blockade of protesters briefly stops Pride Parade in downtown Winnipeg Sunday. The group is demanding Pride Winnipeg “end complicity with genocide, divest from corporate pinkwashing, remove police from Pride and centre QTBIPOC leadership.” The two groups agreed to discuss the demands and after 45 minutes the parade went on.

-Bank of Canada interest rate decision coming on Wednesday amid rate cut speculation. Markets expect the bank to cut its key lending rate by a quarter percentage point, but the view is by no means universal with some expecting it to wait.

-Missing man, 51, found dead in Manitoba’s Interlake, police say it was homicide. Man had been reported missing June 1, RCMP say.

-Could be long lines at the border this week, bad for travelers and bad for the economy. A potential strike by workers at the Canada Border Services Agency could start as soon as Thursday as the two sides go into mediation today.

-Mexico’s projected presidential winner Claudia Sheinbaum will become the first woman president in the country’s 200-year history.

-Ford is just 2 years away from offering technology that will allow drivers to take their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, according to Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley. Farley believes Ford will offer the feature in 2026, making Ford the first mass market car brand to offer what auto engineers call Level 3 autonomy.

-Edmonton Oilers reach first Stanley Cup final in 18 yrs with 2-1 victory over Dallas. Game 1 of the Cup Final goes Saturday in Florida.

22 Hockey Players With the Most Messed Up Faces. Hockey is a violent sport, and it’s hard to imagine that for a long time, players played it without any form of head protection whatsoever.


HAPPY EGG DAY! Did you know there is nearly 60 ways to cook an egg?!?! WOW!

Dr. Pepper overtakes Pepsi as the second-most popular soft drink. Dr Pepper ties Pepsi sales. Coca-Coca reigns supreme, but there’s a new number 2: Dr. Pepper, which has overtaken Pepsi as the second-most popular fizzy fix.



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The Fast Food Restaurant With The Best Value Menu. Plenty of fast food restaurants have bargain menus, but one stands out among the rest. Here’s the fast food menu with the greatest value offerings.


75% say there’s one thing you must do before going on summer vacations. Do you hate coming back to a dirty home after a fun getaway? Does that scuff on your favorite suitcase send you over the edge? You’re not alone. In fact, three in four say they absolutely have to clean their home before leaving on vacation.


5 Simple Rules for Tipping That Work Everywhere in the World. It’s hard enough dealing with tipping expectations here, so what do you do as a traveler, where you may not understand the local customs?

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