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WestJet’s ULTRA BASIC price-Oilers Fan Job Offers after Flashing

WestJet’s ULTRA BASIC price-Oilers Fan Job Offers after Flashing

Leons Headlines June 5: Bank of Canada CUTS rate for first time in more than 4 years! Now 4.75. Govenor says “more cuts could be coming” as long as inflation stays stagnant.

-Police shoot man dead in Niverville. Female in custody and another man got away in stolen vehicle, police say. Shooting happened around 3 a.m. in the area of Drovers Run, a business strip that runs parallel to Highway 311 through town.

-Carnival rides & corn dogs return to Brandon as the MB Summer Fair starts at Keystone Centre grounds & runs until Sunday.

-Near perfect fair forecast, other than occasional showers Wednesday, Thursday to Sunday is near ideal with Sun and temps of 20 to 25 degrees.

-MB family fishing weekend is June 7-9 allows fishing without a licence & visitors to enter all 90 provincial parks without a permit.

-Starting Thursday, the main entrance & traffic loop at BRHC will be closed for 3 months as part of the expansion of BRHC and Cancer Care.

-A 54-year-old man from the Ethelbert area charged with setting a woman’s home on fire Saturday. The woman & her 3 children got out safely, fire crews extinguished the blaze & minor damage was reported.

-A judge has sentenced a MB man to 7½ years in prison for killing a man while drunk after a house party, dismissing the request for 18yrs as “far too high.”

-More than 20 bills become law as MB spring legislature sitting ends.

-Iconic MB company Bothwell Cheese fire on the weekend halts production as the company assesses the damage.

HAPPY KETCHUP DAY! Whether you love it on fries or a grilled cheese sandwich, Ketchup is the most popular condiment in North America put on everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to Mac a Cheese. But it wasn’t always a Tomato product.

Free Pizza? Are you ready to do this? Pizza Lover Claims There’s A Hack That Only Works Five Minutes Before Closing At Pizza places!

Edmonton Oilers Fan Gets job offers after flashing in arena. If the Edmonton Oilers fan who flashed her boobs on camera wants another crack at the experience — a popular website tells TMZ Sports it’d be more than happy to give her the avenue!!


Demi Moore and Joe Jonas Were All Smiles in Cannes — But They Aren’t Dating. Apparently there’s nothing romantic going on between them.” Jonas, 34, and Moore, 61, raised eyebrows when they were spotted smiling and having lunch together.


VERY COOL Flight Package with Allegiant Air for Football Fans. The discount carrier is offering NFL game day flights!

WestJet’s New UltraBasic Fares. This is intended both to compete with ultra low cost carriers, and to get people to buy up to more expensive fares.

Where’s my bags? There’s luggage gone “bye bye” due to mishandling and then there’s “bye bye” right out the airport door. Passenger Tracks Her Luggage to a House and Discovers That An Airport Employee Stole It.

Are young people bad tippers? What Americans say about how they tip at restaurants. While young people are more likely to give smaller tips, they’re less likely to reduce their tip in response to bad service.


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