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Summer Travel Warnings-Your own Stanley Cup Ring

Summer Travel Warnings-Your own Stanley Cup Ring

Leons Headlines June 11: Board chambers at Mountain View SD offices were full Monday for the first board meeting since three trustees resigned and the superintendent was fired. The board voted to accept the resignations & there was no further discussion about them.

-Virden Ag Society Ag grounds barn rebuild awarded $100K grant from Co-op Community Spaces, one of 14 projects to receive a portion of $1M. Celebrating 10yrs, Community Spaces has invested $13.5 million in 189 projects for more than 160 local Co-ops operating in 600 communities.

-Salvation Army Thrift Stores struggle to keep up with demand as sales are up 13% in MB. While donations are growing, they’re not keeping pace with demand as some stores bring in products from other markets.

-Closing arguments in admitted Wpg serial killer’s trial followed by rally to search landfill. Lawyers presented opposing views of whether killings of 4 Indigenous women were deliberate or delusional.

-RCMP change search area for woman who went missing in rural MB after she said SUV hit a tree. Police continue the search for Brittany Dawn Storey in area around Molson MB.

-Panthers dump Oilers 4-1 in Game 2 of Cup Final, extend series lead 2-0.

SUMMER TRAVEL. Canadians are getting ready for the Summer break and that can mean a getaway to Europe, or the US or even the Caribbean. However the Canadian government is issuing some travel warnings especially regarding travel to France with the Paris Olympics set to get underway.


The Oilers are down in their series with Florida, but YOU can still get your hands on an Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Ring! It turns out there’s more than one for sale and if you have an extra $20K lying around you can pick one up for Dad for Father’s Day!


An Amazon Tribe get the Internet. What do you think was the first thing they did? It’s all thanks to Elon Musk’s Starlink.

DRAMATIC VIDEO: Vancouver Seaplane Crashes into Boat During Takeoff, Shocking Footage. Two people ended up in the hospital after a small floatplane collided with a pleasure boat in Vancouver — and the video footage is jaw-dropping … ’cause it uses the vessel like a ramp.

Last time it was DVD sized hail and NOW EVEN BIGGER! Pineapple-Sized Hail Found in Texas. Storm trackers in the Texas Panhandle recovered a hail stone that researchers say is likely to be a new state record.

Netflix pushing ‘Baby Reindeer’ for Emmy success — as it vows to fight $170M ‘stalker’ suit. Emmys nomination voting begins this week — and Netflix is pulling out all the stops for controversial “Baby Reindeer.”


Apple Is Finally Bringing AI to iPhone, iPad, and Mac. At its 2024 WWDC conference , the company formally announced Apple Intelligence will release Ai in beta for iPhone, iPad and Mac this fall.


This AI-Generated Harry Potter Film Could Very Well Be The Next Hollywood Blockbuster. A Hogwarts fan has combined the magical world of Harry Potter with the haunting aesthetics of Tim Burton.


Themed weddings, Christmas, cowboys and even hunters. But NAKED? Brother Expects His Family To Be Naked During Naturist Wedding Ceremony.


The 25 Saltiest Restaurant Meals in America. Eating out can be convenient and enjoyable, but many restaurant meals and fast-food meals can be shockingly high in sodium.


Passengers On a British Airways Flight to Houston Endure 9-Hour Flight to Nowhere. Pilots Turn Back Just as Plane Reaches North America…we were sooooo close.

Remember the story of Singapore Airlines and that incredible turbulence that sent people to hospital and had one man die of a heart attack? Turns out the airline is offering $10K+ compensation.

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