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The 3 “Foods of Summer 2024”-New Gen X Travel Trend

The 3 “Foods of Summer 2024”-New Gen X Travel Trend

Leons Headlines June 12: Environment Canada is forecasting thunderstorms this afternoon and some could be severe. There is a risk of winds picking up again, as high as 100km/h at times, and hail of 3-5cm this afternoon/evening. Southeast MB may see 4-6cm hail, 110km/h winds and the risk of a tornado.

-Project Blockage, an operation coordinated by BPS, RCMP and WPS arrested 21 in Brandon June 7 and 8 as part of a police operation targeting sexual exploitation in the city. The suspects were charged with obtaining sexual services for consideration — agreeing to trade cash or other payment for sex.

-School division tensions rise again; Chair of the board at Mountain View SD says he has been advised by division’s lawyers not to speak to the media about recent events. While at the Brandon SD 3 trustees excused themselves during a presentation by former Provincial cabinet minister & city councillor James McCrae at the Brandon SD regular board meeting Monday evening.

-Body believed to be missing Winnipeg woman found in pond in Molson area: Manitoba RCMP. Police found vehicle submerged in pond Tuesday afternoon.

-Manitoba RCMP arrest suspect who drove stolen car into ditch fleeing from police near Portage.

-New commanding officer named for 1 RCHA Shilo. Lt.-Col. Jordan Beatty assumed command Friday.

MORE on TODAY’S Severe weather for Wednesday afternoon from TWN:

Imagine a 3000% percent increase in ANYTHING. A salary increase would be staggering, as would a 3000% increase in the size of a home, or value of your retirement fund. But this is usage of a drug, some are saying the hottest prescription drug EVER. So hot in fact, food companies are worried and experts say 1 in 3 of us will be on this drug by the end of the decade. But is it safe and is it cheap? Certainly not cheap, and governments are worried.



Best line of the show: Rich people get ozempic but poor people get body positivity. Unfortunately, this is true. #southpark #obesitymedicine @South Park

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UPDATE: So what did they do with the internet once they got it? Remote Amazon Tribe Gets Hooked On Porn. Elon Musk’s Starlink provided internet access to the Marubo people, and the inevitable happened.


6 Mosquito-Repellent Clothing Items That Actually Work. Winnipeg is calling for an “unprecidented mosquito season” this year and so it’s best to get ready. Mosquito magnets know all the tried and tested tricks to keep the bugs away, including citronella candles, bug spray, and even adding certain plants to your garden. But what even the most insect-averse people may not realize is that special mosquito-repellent clothing can go a long way in keeping these pesky bloodsuckers off you.



It’s Summertime which means the mosquitos are coming for you! Most people reach for brands like OFF but did you know it contains DEET which has links to skin irritations, seizures, cancer + more? Here is what to use instead! 🦟🍃#bugspray #naturalbugrepellent #mosquito #cleanbeautytok #nontoxicbugspray #nontoxicliving #petsafe #summertips

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Send your 5-year-old to Chick-fil-A summer camp to learn how to “take a guest order” and “box” their “own nuggets”.
The Chick-fil-A in West Hammond, Louisiana recently advertised a summer camp targeted at kids aged 5-12 that’s been getting tons of backlash on social media.


Every parent embarrasses their kids, but imagine if your dad was a professional entertainer. Will Ferrell Crashes His Son’s Prom Pictures.


40 Nostalgic Toys From The 80s And 90s Gen X And Millennials Loved. Grab your neon windbreakers and pop in a mix tape, because we’re about to take a radical trip down memory lane!


Travel Trend: Going it alone. Tired of waiting, and tired of longing to get away. Gen X is fed up, so they’re taking more vacations alone.



solo traveling 🤝 @T-Mobile 🛬 head to the link in my bio to learn more about how T-Mobile can support your next adventure #TMobilePartner #solotraveltips #solotravel

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This will help recruit women as NASA Astronauts. This news is likely to attract everyone who loves booze and candy. RED WINE THE FUEL FOR HEALTHIER SPACE TRAVEL. Astronauts could drink red wine and eat chocolate to stay healthy, a study has suggested.


Papa Johns Just Brought Back An Iconic Pizza Fans Have Been Begging For. The Cheesy Burger Pizza is officially back on the menu as of June 10.


The Internet Has Decided That These 3 Items Are The Foods Of The Summer, and a TikTok influencer says this is truly the 2024 version of the adult Happy Meal.


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