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Got Questions about the Show?

Got Questions about the Show?

We have answers!

Where can I tune you in?
If you have internet, it’s going to be like I’m on TV AND RADIO at once! MISS the show? Don’t worry! Download it later! You can listen AND watch LIVE on the Twitch app or catch the podcast on RedCircle or wherever you get your podcasts.

Is Twitch your new radio station?
No. It’s a streaming app owned by Amazon. Just like Youtube (owned by GOOGLE). Twitch is like YouTube, but geared to LIVE STREAMING TV and Media Creators and game play shows.

Will you play music?
Very little. Think more Kelly & Ryan/The Social with videos, contests and interactive with audience.

How much does Twitch cost?
It’s Free to watch. But Amazon will drop the occasional ad into the broadcast unless you are a subscriber (then NO ADS). A subscription is $4.99 monthly through Twitch or FREE if you already have Amazon Prime.

Do I need special equipment to listen or watch?
Most Smart TV’s will have a Twitch App. Next best is Amazon Firestick. Like Youtube, Twitch is available everywhere there’s internet. Smartphones have the Twitch APP.

Can I listen in the car?
Yes! The live Twitch feed can be paired with your vehicle, and the podcast (recorded version of the show in audio form) can also be paired with the Red Circle App (or wherever you get your Podcasts).

Does this mean you work for Twitch or Amazon now?
No. The show is a production of Tyler Glen Studio, the digital production business I registered in 2006. Think of Twitch and Red Circle as “the channels” that RUN the show. But this is a partnership.

Is this based in Canada or the US?
The Show is based in Canada. Twitch and Red Circle are companies based in California, but support creators like the Tyler Glen Show all over the world.

Will there be news and weather?
Yes. Headlines of local, regional and major stories important to our audience.

Where do you do the show each day?
Tyler Glen Studio in Brandon will produce most shows daily, with the potential to broadcast from random locations anywhere across North America.

What will the show be about? Bacon and Tequila?
Believe it or not, we thought of using that as a show name! But in a nutshell, the show is about the crazy world around us, along with Food and Fun Places. And MAJOR interactive participation, by DM, text, email, phone and more!

How do you get paid for doing the show?
I will have a limited number of local sponsors and I’ll have some partner agreements with Twitch and Red Circle from National and International Advertising, and a small percentage of linked PRIME subscriptions.


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