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Amber joins Tyler for Day 2!

Amber joins Tyler for Day 2!

For over a decade we’ve seen it all and done it all! As Covid finished a chapter in so many careers, this incredible chapter ending in November of 2020. First a look back courtesy of Ryan Shields, who spent some time in our radio control room before the pandemic hit. MEMORIES. 🙂

Today, Amber works for Valley View Co-op in Virden as the company PR & Marketing Manager. Her kids are growing fast, and her oldest is working and almost driving a car. It was great to catch up and talk about coming through the Covid transition, where media is going today, the Star Jet vacations that saw her come back with the “ULTIMATE” Souvenir, and the promo pictures we took that eventually were destroyed. And yes, they involved very little clothing. It’s a great story and part of the fun legacy of what media used to be when it was creative, fun and free. What a magical morning with Amber.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Amber has an open invite to come on the Tyler Glen Show anytime she wants, no exceptions. 🙂


-New study claims soft drink makes men’s private parts BIGGER. Which one? How much does a person have to drink? (asking for a friend)


-KFC is bringing back its breadless fried chicken sandwich, and it’s 2010 all over again! Details below:


-Car salespeople are being replaced with AI as digital showrooms hit the metaverse. Which two car companies are already doing this? See below:


-Placing your young child in an overhead bin so the toddler could sleep? Did this really happen. It appears so. It wasn’t in North America tho. It was here:

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