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Is MY Bank Broke?-Mom’s stinky lunch battle-Juno Streaker 

Is MY Bank Broke?-Mom’s stinky lunch battle-Juno Streaker 

Headlines March 14:  Manitobans will soon travel to Ontario on a 4-lane highway, & the Perimeter in Winnipeg without stopping as part of a $4B, infrastructure plan announced by the province. | City of Brandon planned maintenance starts at the 34th Street booster station today, which may cause discolored water or slight loss of pressure. | The Provincial Ex of MB will bring back its #ForeverRoyal Community Ticket program, where a dozen local businesses & organizations donate tickets to families in Westman. The 6 day event starts March 27th. | Volunteers from Paws Crossed Animal Shelter & Precision Toyota visited Crocus Plains HS Monday to pick up dog houses built by local carpentry students. | Chris Jericho returns to Wpg for a big match tomorrow when he teams with Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara at Canada Life Centre for an episode of “Dynamite.” | A man accused of stealing a box truck and leading officers on a chase through Winnipeg Sunday was ultimately foiled by…a snowbank, police say. | Topless protester crashes Junos broadcast, Weeknd wins 5th award, Avril wins top fan award. Today is Tuesday March 14th, just 6 days from the official start of Spring, and it’s Celebrate Scientists Day, Crowdfunding Day, Genius Day, International Ask a Question Day, Learn About Butterflies Day, Legal Assistance Day, National Children’s Craft Day, National Organize Your Home Office Day, National Potato Chip Day (your favorites are Sour Cream and Onion, Onion and Garlic and Miss Viki’s. It’s also National Save a Spider Day, National Write Your Story Day, Science Education Day and Pi Day. And you can’t celebrate Pi Day without telling us about your favorite PIZZA PIES. Your favorites this morning included Romano Special, Pizza Express and Submarine and Santa Lucia!

I didn’t want to talk about it, but people are worried. Banking problems in the USA continue to make headlines around the world as people worry about this spreading. Could it affect us here? Could this lead to banking problems for us here in Canada? Mark joins us from IG Wealth Management, formerly with RBC Royal Bank of Canada. Answers some basics for us.  While bank failures can happen anywhere, they haven’t happened in Canada since 1996 and there were some “big rule changes” since then. And the main reason is because most of the big banks, in Canada and abroad, take in broad deposits (from many industries) while SVB is really concentrated in the technology sector. Essentially, all their clients are in the technology sector and they also have exposure to cryptocurrencies. For SVB, they come from the same industry, so (if something goes wrong), they need money out at the same time. That’s the main issue. Canadian banks, generally, have depositors from different sectors, and different types of industries. They’re not just exposed to one industry. Canadian rules are different than those rules set up for US banking. SBV clients were parking money with them were mostly growth firms, technology firms that were suffering losses and needed to withdraw money in a very short period of time. Here’s a link to Mark at IG if you ever would like to reach out!


And here’s a pic of the LOBSTER Mark was telling us about! After all, we are the show about “FOOD, FUN PLACES and the MAYHEM OF LIFE”. And THAT is some BIG FOOD. Thanks for the tip Mark!

JUNO AWARDS! A topless protester charged the stage, leading to some feisty words from Avril Lavigne, while an absent the Weeknd emerged the top winner this year. Lavigne was interrupted by a topless woman who leapt on the stage wearing pasties on her breasts and “land back” painted on her arm. She returned later to accept this year’s fan choice award with a few choice words and another expletive: “Nobody try anything this time or the Canadian is going to come out of me and I’ll (mess) a bitch up.” The unexpected moment set the tone for an energetic Junos that saw the Weeknd’s smash hit Dawn FM earn him album of the year, adding to four wins he scored at a Saturday industry event, including artist and single of the year for Sacrifice. Other winners included Jessie Reyez who picked up contemporary R&B recording of the year for Yessie as her tearful father looked on and Tobi who won rap album/EP of the year for Shall I Continue? Special honourees Nickelback were present throughout the night, even before they were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in a pre-recorded message by actor Ryan Reynolds.

NEWS from DAKOTA Square Mall in Minot! Target’s main exterior entrance is officially back OPEN as of today, March 10! Customers can now enter through their main exterior entrance OR in-mall entrance. Next up on the remodel – we await the Starbucks opening date. 

Expansion construction at Dakota Square Target in Minot is finally complete.

Brent and Brenda are vacationing in Negril and took time to share some amazing pics and video. Jamaica is so beautiful and they’re having some serious fun on the island. Thanks for sharing your travels to fun places you two!

Other FUN STUFF FROM the Show Tuesday:

Dolly Parton makes a Manitoba teen’s dream comes true:


COKE has made a commercial using AI and here’s what it looked like:


Is it too stressful to eat healthy?


Does Manitoba have the worst drivers in Canada? We have issued with turn signals, slow lanes and tailgating, although everyone agreed, Alberta may be worse. 🙂

I (34F) have a (5M) son who attends preschool. A few hours after I picked him up from school today, I got a phone call from his teacher. She made absolutely no effort to sound kind when she, in an extremely rude and annoyed tone, told me to stop packing my son such “disgusting and inappropriate” lunches. I felt absolutely appalled when she said this, as me and the teacher have, up until now, always maintained a very friendly relationship. She added that the lunches I’m packing my son are “very distracting for the other students and have an unpleasant odor.” I told her that I understand her concerns, as the lunches I pack are definitely not the healthiest, but the lunches are according to my son’s preferences. The usual lunch that I send him to school with is small celery sticks with blue cheese and goat cheese, kimchi and spam (we are Korean and he absolutely adores this dish), and spicy Doritos marinated in Sriracha (I know, I know, but he deserves a snack, and I don’t put that many chips in the baggy.) I ended the call by saying that I very much appreciated her worries, but that at the end of the day, I am not going to drastically change my sons’ lunches all of a sudden, and that it’s not my fault of other students are “distracted” by his meal. It is very important to me what my son enjoys, and I want him to like my lunches. The teacher sent an Email to me an hour ago saying that my response was “unacceptable” and that his lunches are “just too inappropriate to be sent to school any longer.” I haven’t responded yet and don’t want to. I want to maintain a healthy relationship with my son’s teachers. I am confused as to what to do. Is it me?

(TGS most listeners felt a more respectful approach to Mom was needed, since the food is stinky, the teacher has a point but approached this all wrong.)

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