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Hotel Scam-Bye 40hr Workweek-Basketball and KidsFest

Hotel Scam-Bye 40hr Workweek-Basketball and KidsFest

Headlines March 15:  Strong winds & blowing snow force the closure of a stretch of Hwy 1 between Headingly & Elie, parts of Perimeter last night. Both have re-opened. | Another MASSIVE drug bust, as police execute “Project Dawgpound” arresting more than 20 in a trafficking ring that stretched across Canada.  It also may have involved a member of MB finance special investigations unit. | The fate of the Park Community Centre will likely to come up today during a meeting between City of Bdn admin and the Construction Association of Rural Manitoba’. | MB Gov proposing a teacher registry, similar to how disciplinary action is public for doctors and lawyers. | Wpg woman charged with kidnapping after car stolen with kids inside. | MB to spend $12M on addictions treatment. | Wpg police chase of stolen vehicle leads to a seize of over $4K in drugs. | Wpg fire crews kept busy with 4 fires between Monday night and Tuesday morning. | WPS arrest a 17yr old male Sunday, in connection with the shooting death of a 15yr old earlier this month. | David Onyemata, Nigerian born Canadian who never played football until his time at the U of M, just signed a three-year contract worth $35 million with the Atlanta Falcons. Today is Wednesday March 15th known as the Ides of March. It is also Dumbstruck Day, Everything You Think is Wrong Day, International Day Against Police Brutality Day, International Eat an Animal for PETA Day, National Brutus Day, Egg Cream Day, National Shoe the World Day, Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action, True Confessions Day, World Consumer Rights Day and National Peanut Lovers Day. Who doesn’t love boiled peanuts? Never heard of ’em? Tyler LOVES em, and these folks from Ireland are trying them for the first time!

March Madness. If you’re a fan of basketball, you love this time of year! Bubble teams, brackets, and buzzer beaters. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments are held each Spring and fans LOVE it. What does it mean for fans here? BU BB Coach Gill Cheung joined the show to talk BU Basketball, the big US College tournament and to reminisce about his BIG SHOT that made International news!

Giant Children’s festival returns to Brandon Children’s Country Fair. Danna Rudniski is here! Westman Dreams for Kids recently announced that the Children’s Country Fair will return to the Riverbank Discovery Centre on Sunday, June 4th from 10am to 4pm. Children’s Country Fair is a free event for families in Westman featuring a variety of activities and entertainment for everyone of all ages. Activities in the past have included bouncy castles, live entertainment, face painting, petting zoo, and and lots of educational attractions.

FOOD & FUN places–And here’s the delicious Palm Spring restaurant Danna said we MUST try if ever in the Palm Springs CA area:

(courtesy of Sherman’s Deli Palm Springs)



My (f28 ) husbands (m32) cousin (m36) has lived in our basement suite for a few years and we have always cut him a deal on rent. Last spring we moved to a new house and he came with us renting our 2 bedroom basement suite for $1150 (no contract). For reference a suite this new and large are going for $2000+ in our area. Prior to this he was living in the 1 basement suite of our previous house, for $800 (we rented it out for $1300 as soon as he moved out with us). My husband wants to charge him so little because “hes family and he can’t afford more” However, since the cousin has lived with us these past few years he only works for the summer months and some of the fall months. Prob a total of 4-5 months of the year and goes on EI for the rest of the year without trying to look for a job. I understand he is family but this kind of bothers me as he is a 36 yo man that does not feel like working and we’re losing out on large rental income that could help with our bills. We are not well off by any means. We work very hard and have middle class jobs. Another thing that bothers me is that my husband and I maintain our big beautiful yard and the cousin has even made comments to me how he is not responsible for helping with yard work (even though he spends a lot of time outside enjoying that yard and I also never even asked him to help with yard work). You’d think for such a discounted rate he’d be willing to help out a bit (again we’ve never asked this of him). He also made statements to me in the past how he “pays the mortgage” for us. Which is not nearly true. Additionally, now my younger sister (f21) got a job offer in our city and we coincidentally we will have that previous $1300 basement suite for rent. I want to help her out by renting it cheaper. However, financially we can’t offer much of a discounted rental rate mostly due to my husbands cousin pretty much getting a $1000 dollar discount on rent each month. I don’t want my little sister renting out a 1 bedroom $1300 suite while his 36 yo adult cousin rents out a huge 2 bedroom $1050 basement suite. Even if my sister doesn’t move here I want to increase his rent. So AITA if I want to increase his rent by maybe like $200 each month? (Again there’s no contract). Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this.

(TGS Audience felt this woman needs to have a sit down and talk contract with the cousin. Money and family don’t often mix. So the consensus today was that it was NOT her, but rather the COUSIN causing problems. However it was really up to the woman in the story to have the “sit down” with Hubby and Cousin to talk contract and the nuts and bolts of a realistic rental agreement.)

The Classic HOTEL scam. Is this real? It’s making the rounds, and yes this COULD happen: You use your credit card to check in at the front desk. The attendant typically asks if you’d like to keep the card on file used to reserve the room to pay for the room charge or any incidentals incurred during your stay. You get your room key and off you go for a well-deserved good night’s sleep knowing tomorrow a long day awaits. You arrive at your room, get settled in and start to relax. The phone rings and the caller, claiming to be the front desk, advises you that for some reason the card you gave them at check-in was not accepted. The excuse given is a glitch in their computer system or something along those lines. The caller is very apologetic and to prevent upsetting you any further advises you don’t have to return to the front desk to get this squared away, instead you can just give the card information over the phone. Problem solved, right? Wrong, your problems have just begun as they go on a spending spree with your credit card. Here’s the problem: The caller is NOT the front desk attendant, the caller is a fraudster who calls hotels and asks to be transferred to random room numbers. If the room occupant answers, the fraudster deploys the scam mentioned above hoping you’ll fall prey. NEVER give your card information over the phone. If you receive this type of call, hang up. Contact the front desk yourself to verify there is an actual problem with your card. If so, proceed to the front desk to take care of it. Typically, the hotel will know if there is a problem with your card before you even finish checking in. Always remember the anti-scam rule, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you”. This applies to bogus calls from fraudsters offering tech support to fix a non-existent problem with your computer or update your anti-virus software, to travel scams or the age-old grandparent scam. Here’s more on this scam from SNOPES:


This household item can harbour 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat – describing them as being like a “portable Petri dish”.



More time for food and fun places? Say goodbye to the traditional five-day/40-hour workweek? The traditional five-day/40-hour workweek is being questioned by a bill that has been reintroduced into the House of Representatives. A four-day workweek would become a federal law under a bill introduced by California Representative Mark Takano. The mandate will bring about “a huge change which will increase the happiness of humankind,” according to CNBC. The UK conducted an experiment promoting the four-day workweek in June 2021. In the study, more than 3,300 workers from 70 different organizations worked a four-day, 32-hour shift while still being paid in full. According to the findings, employees maintained their previous productivity levels when compared to 40-hour workweeks. After the study, according to CNN, 90% favored the new model. Takano’s suggested structure has been implemented by numerous British enterprises. Are you against a 4-Day Workweek?


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