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20 Burger Challenge-Dad’s Tik-tok Surprise-Tipping Mayhem

20 Burger Challenge-Dad’s Tik-tok Surprise-Tipping Mayhem

Headlines March 16: A 17yr old Steinbach girl missing for 5 days could be in Wpg or Bdn. Morningstar (MJ) Bear was last seen wearing a grey jacket with fur hood, blue headphones, black shoes. | A Bdn woman questions her lack of care during air transport to Wpg after a heart attack last month. The senior says the conditions of her trip were “totally inhumane” and thought she would die before arriving. | PM Health launches pilot project mobile addictions clinic in rural MB and will visit 3 communities periodically; Wuskiwi Siphik FN, Russell & Virden. | RCMP find cocaine, meth and cash after pulling over a vehicle near Powerview/Pine Falls early Tuesday. 3 people in the car face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking. | North America’s largest inland port planned for Wpg will produce $3 billion in economic activity, by enhancing transportation: by air, rail and truck. The rail park is expected to create about 5K jobs and will be located on the West side of Wpg north of portage, just inside the Perimeter (NW corner). It’s St. Patty’s Day “EVE” today, and since today is March 16th it is also Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Black Press Day, Companies That Care Day, Curlew Day, Everything You Do is Right Day, Freedom of Information Day, Goddard Day, Lips Appreciation Day, National Artichoke Heart Day, National Curl Crush Day, Oranges and Lemons Day, St. Urho’s Day and National Panda Day. Who wouldn’t want to have one of these guys as a pet? Adorable!

Big plans for St. Patty’s Day for followers on Twitch! Who wants to go to Ireland? Ready for some Green Beer and fun? Friday afternoon we’re going to have some St. Patty’s Day shenanigans just for Twitch followers! Not to mention our year supply of bacon grand prize draw! However, the river is already green in Chicago and we got some Manitobans ready for the party!

Jess and Taryn Cords from Brandon enjoying Chicago and the BIG Green River. How do they do that?

Florida, Mexico and Caribbean are bracing for incoming 8,000-km-wide seaweed blanket, a blob so big it can be seen from outer space. Known as the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, scientists say this year’s bloom of sargassum is the largest ever recorded. The sargassum currently floats between the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of West Africa. In open waters, sargassum — which is a form of macroalgae — is mostly harmless and serves as reliable habitat for ocean life. When it washes up on shore, however, not only is sargassum unsightly, but it also reeks and worsens air quality as it decomposes.

Your favorite airline is likely getting hit with fines for hundreds of violations that took place over Christmas and even into this Winter’s travel season, which could mean better travel as Spring Break approaches. But airline travel in Canada is still far from ideal. Here’s the information making news regarding the Government fines being charged to airlines in an effort to get them acting more responsibly, or PAY for it.


MASSIVE 20 burger challenge. WIN $150 for eating all 20 patties. (However the restaurant is in the UK). Joel takes this baby down. Need we say more? Here’s the proof!

16 MILLION VIEWS in 24 hours! The Dad and Son who are internet superstars after having a magical dream come true with their favorite sports team! The story behind the Tik Tok you’re seeing everywhere this week. An act of kindness for a Surrey dad battling brain cancer won the internet this week!


Confused about tipping? There’s a reason for that. It appears that bank machines may be an easy and intimidating tool to get us to pay more in tips. But should we pay more anyways? What is a good tip? What is appropriate? We watch the latest consumer report on tipping in Canada and our audience is divided on the subject, as most Canadians are.

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