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Eating Every FatBoy Burger-LA Reporter Down-Gender Reveals

Eating Every FatBoy Burger-LA Reporter Down-Gender Reveals

Headlines March 20: SPRING OFFICIALLY ARRIVES at 4:24 local time TODAY. | MB Gov & General Employees’ Union (MGEU) to host a series of strike vote meetings this week for members at Assiniboine Community College (Local #71) and Red River College (Local #73). | Dozens of Irish Manitobans took to the streets in Winnipeg Saturday for the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade at Polo Park. | New set of rules for foreign duck hunters in Manitoba ‘changes everything,’ says American, as the province introduces new rules to lower the number of Americans hunting. | A new report says Winnipeg is one of the most affordable housing markets for 1st time buyers, with an average 1st year home cost of $95K, ranking it 7th in Canada. Saguenay PQ ranked 1st at $74K. | 2 dozen people were “freezin for a reason” Saturday at Lake Minnewasta for the return of the Polar Plunge in support of Special Olympics. It’s the first time the event was held since 2020 near Morden. | Restaurant changes: Downtown Brandon Chicken Delight was shut Feb 28 for a total renovation (no word on what the new concept will be) and the Beef & barrel are getting ready to serve their final steer burger March 31 11-6 for donations to Westman Dreams for Kids. Today is Monday March 20th, which means it’s Act Happy Day, Alien Abduction Day, Atheist Pride Day, Bibliomania Day, Crawfish Cravers Awareness Day, French language day, Hufflepuff Pride Day, International Astrology Day, International Day of Happiness, International Day of Nowruz, International Earth Day, National Bock Beer Day, National Jump Out! National Kiss Your Fiancé Day, National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, National Ravioli Day, National Wellderly Day, Proposal Day, Snowman Burning Day, The First Day of Spring (4:24pm this afternoon) Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day, World Day of Theater for Children and Young People, World Frog Day, World Sparrow Day and the Great American Meatout. Imagine eating not 1, not 2 but 3 72 oz steaks AND potato and some shrimps to boot! Molly Schuyler did it!!!!

Richard Caron joined the TGS to talk about his quest to eat every Fat Burger in Winnipeg. But first, we needed to know exactly “what is a fat burger’. Richard says they are a giant burger in the traditional sense, with tomatoes lettuce and cheese, but the key ingredient is meat sauce that resembles chili, but whiteout the beans. Caron says a lot of local restaurants in Winnipeg took a hit during the pandemic lockdowns. So far Richard has has eaten and reviewed dozens of Fat Boys, but since his quest hit the media, the retaurants that serve the sandwich went from 50 locations to 90. He is eating them at a pace of one a week.

(FB: Richard Caron)

Here’s where you can follow Richard on his quest to eat a fatboy at every restaurant that serves them in Winnipeg. (and yes he’s willing to travel outside the city to eat even MORE!)


This news reporter went viral over the weekend with shock and concern. Alissa Carlson of KCAL News was about to start her weather forecast that Saturday morning when her eyes suddenly rolled back. She tried to keep smiling while on camera but already fell on her desk, then on the ground. Anchors Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim didn’t seem to notice at first, as Kim even jokingly told Carlson that it’s really “the calm before the storm” while her eyes were already rolling. But as Carlson collapses, Kim is visibly disturbed as she lets out an “Oh,” with Medina calling for a break. Mike Dello Stritto, CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director, also told TMZ that she was brought to the hospital after colleagues took “immediate action.” At 2:32 a.m. of March 19, Carlson wrote a Facebook post thanking everyone for their support. “Thanks for all the texts, calls, and well wishes,” she said. “I am going to be ok!” At 4:46 a.m., KCAL News on Twitter said Carlson is already taking a rest and recovering. She’ll be back on air “as soon as she’s well enough to return,” the station added in a separate statement. Conditions that can cause fainting include heart problems. seizures, low blood sugar, anemia, and nervous system problems.

FUN PLACES! Bernice continues her tour of South East Asia and is now in Singapore. This weekend she went on a beautiful night cruise!

Bernice is now in Singapore! (FB: Bernice Kennedy)
It’s a BOY! (FB: Lori Crooks)

Congratulations to the Lori Crooks’ family! During a gender reveal party Lori shared online, the world found out Lori’s family will soon need to make room for a baby boy. But it got us talking about gender reveal parties, and how some of the announcements do go quite as smooth as this one.

FOOD NEWS ALERT! Chick-Fil-A could be coming to Canada sooner rather than later. Details below.


Chat GPT Went down this morning:


And a touching story from BC about a dying man’s wish to have his favorite pizza one last time, and the lengths a local business went to make sure that man got this pizza.

Sanjeeve and Sandy Seeburn. (CTV News)


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