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Bullied Kid Fights Back-Brandon Choir@NYC-Helium Beer

Bullied Kid Fights Back-Brandon Choir@NYC-Helium Beer

Headlines March 21: Food costs continue to HAMMER pocketbooks. StatsCan is out with the monthly cost of living is report. Inflation cooled to 5.6% but Food prices continue to increase. 10.6% for food. Inflation was 5.9% in Jan, but food was 10.4%. | Local student associations are seeing increased demand at food banks. Harvest MB use has doubled since 2019. 1 in 4 are employed. | Nexus trusted-traveler program resumes after year-long standoff. | Bdn Fire & Emergency fire pit permit applications can now be submitted online via permits.brandon.ca. | MB campers are urged to save their favorites before the new reservation service launches on the 27th. Flood-related repairs mean some campsites will stay closed UFN. | Lifesaving Society MB, along with local police recommend you STAY OFF frozen bodies of water. | ACC just received a $50K Ag Grant through the National Research Council. | A man was stabbed from behind with a needle while waiting to order food at a restaurant on Regent; Wpg police say.| Gimli is the latest MB resort community to plan a development strategy to regulate short-term rentals. | Burton Cummings will play the WMCA in Brandon June 19th. Tix on sale tomorrow. Today is March 21st, the first full day of Spring, and it’s also International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, World Forestry Day, Memory Day, National Agriculture Day, National California Strawberry Day, National Common Courtesy Day, National Crunchy Taco Day, National Day of Action on Syringe Exchange Day, National Fragrance Day, National French Bread Day, National Healthy Fats Day, National Single Parent’s Day, National Teenager Day, Slytherin Pride Day, World Down Syndrome Day, World Poetry Day, World Puppetry Day, World Social Work Day, World Tattoo Day and National Flower Day. This is the largest natural flower garden in the world!

NEW YORK CITY HERE WE COME! Brandon’s Konektis Choir will travel to NYC April 1 and will take the stage at Carnegie Hall! Michelle Chyzyk came on the show to talk about the group, their challenges through the pandemic, and how they came through it with a trip of a lifetime! The choir will be part of the show ‘Canada at Carnegie’, which will feature groups from across the country performing all Canadian music. Five other groups from Canada will perform with them. The group first found out about the opportunity through a brochure and after submitting their application to perform, they were told they would be perfect to join the concert. In addition to singing, they plan to see the sites of the big apple with tours of the Statue of Liberty planned, Times Square and of course all the restaurants! The adult choir is made up of people from all over Manitoba who range in age from 18 to 56, many of them former students of Michelle’s. Konektis started in 2016 and has performed with Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. In 2019, the choir made its first out-of-province trip to the Rocky Mountain Festival in Banff, Alta. Here’s the group’s website: https://www.konektis.ca/


“I Told The School How Proud Of Her I Was For Standing Up For Herself” Mom Divides Opinions When Sharing Story Of Her Child Punching Her Bully


ARE YOU or is SOMEONE YOU KNOW getting bullied? Here’s some quick links for you to get help:



TOO MUCH STRESS: Hosting a dinner at home more stressful than catching a flight or dropping your phone, survey finds:

Anyone missing a cat? (Twitter-@goodirt)

Forget Snakes on a plane. This cat nearly broke the internet! When you take your cat on a plane, you face all kinds of challenges, but we would bet that this cat owner did not intent for their curious, cunning, sneaky kitty to start running around the plane on its own.



No one working at the counter at this McDonald’s? Working towards a cashless society, and a artificial intelligence system that will soon be in connection with the antichrist system. (Buying and selling)…

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Will there be helium beer at the beer festival? Not likely. Helium beer isn’t a real thing, much to the dismay of fans of squeaky voices around the world. What started off as an April Fool’s Day prank in the beer world deserves slightly more explanation. To help get helium beer debunked, let’s first expose a simple fact: helium isn’t soluble in water. That is to say, helium does not react with water or other substances. That means you can’t carbonate beer with it. Simple as that! The myth of helium beer was first spun by a pair of viral videos that were supposed to have the magical quality of giving a beer enthusiast a high voice. Helium is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It doesn’t add special qualities to beer. Technically, you could add helium to beer with a helium pump. But that wouldn’t change how the beer tastes or behaves – and it would not give you a squeaky, high-pitched voice (sadly). But the video is still very funny.

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The first Annual Mac and Cheese Festival is coming to Bismarck ND, just 90 minutes south of Minot!


And thanks to GAETAN who is in Puerta Vallarta this week, sharing pictures of his adventures of Food and Fun places! That is a huge drink!

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