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Famous Kemnay Bridge-Hot Dog Bun Rescue-Penis Runner

Famous Kemnay Bridge-Hot Dog Bun Rescue-Penis Runner

Headlines March 22:  Food prices are a big problem: Inflation for goods are cooling but prices for food remain high, StatsCan’s latest report shows. (up 10.6%) | MB to pay $17M in settlement over class-action alleging abuse at centre for people with disabilities. The lawsuit was filed by a man who lived at a Portage centre from the 50s to the 70s. | RCMP arrest 4 people in Portage Sunday after finding a sawed-off shotgun, ammo, brass knuckles, meth, cocaine and other pills. | Frustrated parents took to social media Tue, after they couldn’t get their kids into swimming lessons in Wpg.  City rep says there is still a shortage of lifeguards and instructors, leading to fewer spots – a hangover from the pandemic. The problem could extend to community pools across MB this Summer. | A Wpg business owner reminds others to be careful after her social media accounts were hacked over the weekend and she was locked out on Instagram. Amie Hart runs two businesses involving weddings, and Saturday, both of her accounts were accessed by a hacker, and she was locked out. Today is Wednesday March 22nd, which means its Red Cross Giving Day, As Young as You Feel Day, Gryffindor Pride Day, International Day of the Seal, National Bavarian Crêpes Day, National Goof-off Day, World Water Day, and National Sing Out Day! Check out this awkward singing while headphones are IN!

🔥🔥DELIVERY TIME🔥🔥Congratulations Ashlee Ritchie and Dallas! Got their year supply of bacon yesterday!🔥🔥🥓🔥🥳🥳💜💜

The winners and I posing in the COLD as they get DELIVERY of the bacon! (and one of the first TYLER GLEN SHOW MUGS!)

Food Inflation is a runaway train (10.6%) and its starting to produce short lived local shortages on things like hot dogs and hot dog buns. One desperate shopper took to social media looking for buns after big boxes ran out.  A local bakery came to the rescue, and did a nice think for a struggling Mom.  Great story, check out the audio on the podcast or the video replay on twitch.tv/tylerglenshow about 1 hour into the show!

How do we stop runaway food prices? Canada needs to bring in food stamps!


#help #Canada needs #food stamps. Gov Money is making this worse. #foodstamps to help with inflation. It will work!! #fyp #foryou #fypシ #foryoupage #expensive #governmentisbad #useless #boo

♬ original sound – Tyler Glen

While Manitobans continue to complain about our boring, un-creative and bleak tourism slogan promoting the province, Regina is making waves.  New Regina slogans not sitting well with residents. What?!?! We can’t understand why every good idea gets thrown into the dumpster. Here’s a link to the S**t storm in Sakatchewan.


EXCERCISE Inspiration? Run in a shape like a schlong? ‘Dick Run Clare’, is a runner who is using Instagram to share her penis shaped running routes. Apparently, her ‘dick running problem’ started as an accident, when the 33-year-old went for a run whilst visiting her brother over Thanksgiving, got lost and returned home to see the map of her run looked Penis shaped. Inspired by her mistake, Clare went on to log hundreds of more penis shaped runs and post them on her Instagram account.


My new Kemnay Bridge sign is getting alot of attention. The Leroys can explain why:

We got a FATBOY in Westman and it’s not ME!?!?! haha. Just introduced, the new FATBOY Burger and the Burning Bale in Elgin. Thanks for sharing!

The “FatBoy Burger” at the Burning Bale.


Downtown block parties return to Winnipeg! After 4000 per show poured into downtown in 22, the Burt is bringing the event back this August, and recently announced the performers for the first two dates, which include Billy Talent.

More on the parties can be found here:

BAN SKITTLES!?!?!!? This is just too much!

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