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Giant Gas Price Hike-Cheap Orlando-Song lyrics done Wrong

Giant Gas Price Hike-Cheap Orlando-Song lyrics done Wrong

Headlines March 30: Manitobans should prepare for a gas price hike as early as this weekend & future increases in coming weeks & months; gas experts. | MB using food banks in record numbers & more weekly. Harvest MB says action is needed to help people, as frustration turns to desperation. | Brandon pauses public engagement on 30yr vision over ‘inappropriate and unsafe behavior’ as a group of residents loudly asks questions over each other, reacting to content online about ’15-minute cities’. | A $3.5M donation to the construction of a new centre to provide support for cancer patients in SW MB, from the Paul Albrechtsen Foundation. 3K square feet of indoor space, solarium, outdoor courtyard space and healing gardens are planned. | A Steinbach family launches a lawsuit alleging their 23yr old son had a stroke days after receiving a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, leaving him legally blind. | The Bear Clan Patrol has started picking up sharp objects as the snow melts, such as needles. In Wpg, the group says they’re on track to pick up around 15 to 20,000 needles once snow melts. Today is Thursday March 30th, which means its Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day, National Take a Walk in the Park Day, Turkey Neck Soup Day, World Bipolar Day, National Doctors Day, National I am in Control Day, Pencil Day and National Virtual Vacation Day. Let’s join Alicia in PV Mexico on a virtual vacation!!!!

GET READY FOR HIGH GAS PRICES to return. I wish I had better news. With the snow melt a holiday weekend coming, gas prices are set to take a jump and one expert says it best be ready for painful summer for travel.  A CTV News report says to expect a jump this weekend, and some consistent jumps every couple of weeks through the Summer, as things like the Carbon Tax and changes in fuel ingredients affect pricing in the coming weeks. Not to mention all the travel we’ll be doing too! Here’s the info:


ORLANDO ON SALE: On the flipside, if you’re free in April and have the cash to drop on Disneyworld Orlando, Westjet just announced a HUGE sale on direct flights from Winnipeg.  YES DISNEYWORLD! But you don’t have to do the family bucketlist trip if you don’t want too. Maybe you just need to get away from these historically cold temps. After all, the forecast isn’t calling for normal temps until MID APRIL! According to YWG deals, you can get from Winnipeg to Orlando for just $292 Canadian, and that’s roundtrip including taxes! And no jumping around or connections either, it’s a nonstop flight. The link is below.


THANKS again for all the Spring Break pics and videos and we wind down the week and approach our final days of the break. Today we had the chance to live vicariously through some friends travelling to both Texas and Mexico. One of our friends on vacation tries about the flow rider surf machine. Activity just begging for a trip to the hospital perhaps? It’s almost always a guaranteed wipeout! The Flow rider operates by high volume pumps generating a continuous sheet of flowing water (approximately two-and one-half inches thick by up to thirty-four feet wide) over a specially designed soft riding surface. This stationary “sheet wave” can be ridden just like a similarly shaped wave that moves in the ocean. My pal lasted a few seconds on the ride, enough for a few pictures, but these folks were not so lucky!

 BLAST FROM THE PAST: Way back to before the Titanic set sail. What did Manitoba look like before cars were seen on the prairie? We were driving horse and cart when this map was created, in preparation of cars soon to come. Friend Dave Jurgens found the Discovery of a MB map dating back to the early 1900’s. If this plan had happened, we might have to go up to McCreary to get to Clear Lake? It appears the #1 had already been decided on, more or less. The #10 North and South is way different. The green arrow is my hometown just as my great grandfather made his way from Sweden to the town (with a stop in Ottawa first) before setting up shop.

Drew Barrymore had her first-ever hot flash, and, lucky for her, it was captured on television. The actor and talk show host, 48, interviewed Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler for the Monday, March 27 episode of her daytime show The Drew Barrymore Show. Jenn helped Drew take off her pinstriped blazer as she fanned herself. “For the first time, I think I’m having my first hot flash. Whoa!” Jennifer said “I feel so honored” while Sandler reached out and held Barrymore’s hand. See the clip below, around the 3:40 mark.

Facebook will cost you. That is if you want a blue checkmark. Following in the footsteps of Twitter, Meta is also going to start charging a monthly subscription fee for the blue check. All the details including cost can be found here: https://www.diyphotography.net/meta-is-introducing-a-verified-badge-but-of-course-its-not-free/

The latest iPhone 15 Pro leak reveals a design change unlike anything we have seen on a smartphone before.


You’re singing the song wrong”. A phrase nobody wants to hear, but can happen when we mis-hear how an artist presents a song. The acoustic information that’s received and the interpretation a brain comes up with simply don’t match up. It’s not exactly entirely clear why this happens, we just know that it does. One place we see this happen a lot is in song lyrics. Chances are you’ve had at least one instance in your life where you’ve misheard what the singer is saying. Today, we’re here to help you out. I guess I can’t sing “hold me closer Tony Danza” or “there’s a wino down the road,” anymore. Some of the best are below.


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