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Kid’s $3k Phone Bill-Tomatoes Scream-Baseball’s Cheapest Beer

Kid’s $3k Phone Bill-Tomatoes Scream-Baseball’s Cheapest Beer

Headlines March 31: A community in shock. 4 teenagers are dead & another is in hospital after a crash Wed night involving a car & a semi-trailer at Hwy 5 and 274.  Investigators have determined a car with the teens – all from Dauphin – were travelling north on 274 to Gilbert Plains when the car apparently didn’t stop at a stop sign at Hwy 5, hitting the trailer of a semi driving east. | A Bdn police Animal control officer is charged with 10 counts of fraud and breach of trust, accused of pocketing money paid by owners surrendering pets. | Smoke was sent billowing over WPG last night when an A timber-frame shed behind a historic building in Point Douglas caught fire. | Staff reassigned to children’s ICU in Wpg, some surgeries postponed: Shared Health. | Wpg duo face more than 35 charges in North End gun raid. | Canada Revenue Agency will pilot an automatic system next year to help vulnerable Canadians who don’t file their taxes. | RECALL: hot sauce sold in 3 provinces due to the potential of dangerous bacteria. Komera Original’s seasoned hot pepper sauce should be returned for refund or tossed in the trash. Today is Friday March 31st. Don’t forget tomorrow is April Fool’s Day! But today is National “She’s Funny That Way” Day,
National Bunsen Burner Day, National Clams on the Half Shell Day, National Crayon Day, National Farm Workers Day, National Prom Day, National Tater Day and No Homework Day.

GOODBYE to some GREAT PEOPLE and GREAT BURGERS! Today is a big day for the long time owners of the Beef and Barrel Restaurant. Friday, March 31st they’re celebrating and saying goodbye with FREE Burger + Pop/Water with donations to Westman Dreams for Kids!

Westman Animal Rescue is asking for your donations of things you no longer need, so they can sell them at thier garage sale. Household objects, clothing, toys etc. 100% of the sales will be used for the care of animals and vet bills. They are also selling tables for $20 if you’d like to have your own, where you can sell your own things and keep 100% of your profits. Sale is April 1st at the parish hall in Boissevain from 10am-4pm. Some of their adoptable animals will also be there!

Mothers Day Comedy Show is coming to Brandon Sunday, May 14th featuring Tim Nutt. Dinner & Show $52.00, and that includes $20 towards your menu and a complimentary Drink. Tickets just for the show are $32.00. Presented by The Pandolfi Initiative.

Yesterday was opening day for Major League Baseball! And while everyone is excitied about the new season, not everyone is excited about the price of FOOD at the games. Thankfully the Minnesota Twins are one of the most affordable parks in the game, while Toronto has some of the cheapest beer!


One Winnipeg Dad and his kid have a $3000 phone bill thanks to his son’s long-distance text messages. Danton Unger from CTV Wpg had a very calm Dad talking about the ordeal. There’s no way I would have been this calm. Impressive.

(Actual phone bill: CTV Winnipeg)


The Paltrow trial only lasted nine days but in the end, it went in Paltrow’s favor. What’s more, she’s a whole one dollar richer. As per CNN, a Utah jury found Paltrow not guilty of colliding with a retired optometrist back in 2016. Terry Sanderson, the plaintiff, had accused the Oscar-winning actress and entrepreneur of running into her while skiing on the slopes of Park City, Utah. Sanderson claimed that as a result of the incident, he had suffered lasting injuries, incuding to the brain. Paltrow, meanwhile, testified that it was Sanderson who ran into her, claiming she was downslope from him, not the other way around. A jury agreed with Paltrow, perhaps in part because Sanderson’s witness, a neurologist, all but blew up his case by admitting that a skier would have had to be going 50 to 60 miles per hour to deliver the blow he claimed, something only an Olympic athlete could have done. Paltrow, meanwhile, was in the midst of skiing lessons. Sanderson was seeking $3.2 million. Paltrow only sought a measly $1, which she’ll presumably get.

April Fool’s is tomorrow. Is Pop Tarts trying to get us early? Pop Tart Sweaters??????


What is a HANOUS Food Crime? Sugar on spaghetti? Pineapple and mayo? We got lots of ‘em.


How to respond to every type of annoying airline passenger.


As you get your Tomato plants ready for Spring, beware. THEY SCREAM! It’s no joke. It’s science!


Should punishment for kids even be a thing anymore?


Can you polish household items with condiments? Apparently so.


The Dairy Queen on the hunt for it’s giant red spoon.


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