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Easter Potatoes?-Summer Travel Woes-7 Hot New Costco Snacks

Easter Potatoes?-Summer Travel Woes-7 Hot New Costco Snacks

Headlines April 4: Dodging another bullet? That Colorado low mid-week bringing 15 to 25 CM may affect the eastern side of MB more than west. Models show Wpg to be in the 10-15cm range, SE MB 15-25cm. Bdn can expect 5-15cm. | Counsellors, therapy dog help students cope after deadly crash in western MB. Crisis team counsellors and support staff are at several MB schools to help students and staff cope with a fatal crash last week that claimed the lives of 4 young people during spring break. | Outdoor enthusiasts got their first shot at trying out MB’s new online camping reservation system Monday morning, and things went much smoother than expected. For some, their dreams of securing a yurt this season were dashed. | Fines fines everywhere fines. BPS to conduct aggressive enforcement campaign within school zones. | Winning ticket for the March 31 Lotto Max was sold in Wpg, and is worth $60 million. The winning numbers were 1, 3, 26, 28, 36, 47 and 50. The bonus number is 48. Today is Tuesday April 4th, Holy Tuesday, Jeep 4×4 Day, National Cordon Bleu Day, SAAM Day of Action (Also known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action), Tell a Lie Day (Also known as National Tell a White Lie Day), Victims of Violence Wholly Day, Vitamin C Day, Walk Around Things Day and Hug a Newsperson Day. Today we huge our friend Clay Young, newsman at CJOB/Global Winnipeg for his quirky personality and fun approach to the news, even if that means getting pepper spray in his eyes.

SNOWSTORM followed immediately by………SUMMER? Winnipeg is under a winter storm warning, with 15 to 25 centimetres of heavy snow expected to be dumped on the city overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, along with associated winds, blowing snow, and generally miserable conditions. Brandon could fair better according to models this morning, with 5-15cm expected for the Western side of the province. (Sunday Brandon recorded 11cm, so really, it would simply be a repeat of what we had on the weekend.) Environment Canada says there’s reason for optimism for Easter, with temperatures in the double-digits — on the plus side — predicted for the weekend. We’ll wait and see if that actually happens.

Easter chocolate! Apparently Almost Everyone Eats Chocolate Easter Bunnies The Same Way.


Meantime, Easter Egg hunts are not happening this year for many. What will they go hunting for instead? Potatoes?


ATTENTION COSTCO CUSTOMERS! We have 7 new Costco exclusive snacks we have to try in 2023.


Planning a Summer Vacation where you might have to fly? You might want to read this. It’s the first sign that flying this Summer could be a nightmare.

Steady diet of EASTER EGGS? Meet the dad who is forced to live on a diet of Easter eggs and has eaten over 200 this year.

Why are people sending so many nudes? Really? Horrible dating experiences leave 44% of single adults doubting they’ll ever meet ‘the one’.


Sports fans spend BIG MONEY! Average sports fan would travel nearly 6 hours, spend $762 to see favorite team play.


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