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Poutine & Pets!-Walmart Shirt Ban-Don’t Eat this before Flying.

Poutine & Pets!-Walmart Shirt Ban-Don’t Eat this before Flying.

Headlines April 11: Fast Melt, ‘destroying cars’: Pothole problems plaguing streets in Wpg & Bdn as Emergency fix crews try to temporarily fill huge holes until repairs can be made. | Vehicles fail after fueling at Selkirk gas station, frustrating drivers from Wpg/Bdn/Selkirk as vehicles die shortly after filling this weekend. It’s believed localized floodwater may have seeped into gas tanks. | MB eyes situation south of border as it prepares for flooding, stocking up on sandbags in Wpg as the city make them available for citizens. | BPS called to area of 1st & Rosser Sat by 2 people approached by a man with a gun. Officers charge an 18yr old male who will appear in court today. | MB food banks & shelters in crisis mode as they face an increase in need of donations, with record numbers needing help. Almost 1/3 are working poor. | MB has almost 500K reusable N95 respirators in storage after spending $35M with a local company in 2020 to have them for health-care workers. | ‘It’s ludicrous’: municipalities concerned about retroactive pay for RCMP. The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) says 21 of its members with service contracts may be on the hook for $5.1M. | Playoff hockey in MB? Jets throttle Sharks 6-2 to move within a point of a playoff spot. Today is Tuesday April 11th, Barbershop Quartet Day, Be Kind To Lawyers Day, International Louie Louie Day, National Cheese Fondue Day, National Eight-Track Tape Day, National Library Workers Day, National Submarine Day, National Ranch Water Day, World Parkinson’s Disease Day, National Pet Day and National Poutine Day (Canada). You told us Joe Beaver’s, Pizza Express and East Side Eatery had some of the best stuff locally, and this morning we introduced you to Geoff form Massachusetts. This guy ate 14 pounds of poutine in just over 30 minutes. And 3 young gals who go on a mission to find the best poutine in Montreal.

How bad do you want a beer? Willing to go on a no fly list for it? An American Airlines passenger was dragged off a plane after staff refuse him an alcoholic drink pre-flight. No drink is worth the no fly list.


American Airlines ile first class’ta seyahat eden bir yolcunun, kalkış öncesi içecek talebini reddedildi. 📍İddialara göre yaşanan durum sonrası yolcu saldırgan hareketlerde bulundu. 📍Liman polisinin devreye girmesi ile yolcu zorla uçaktan çıkarıldı..

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Soon one button and one phrase will get you a pizza NOW! Domino’s Debuts First-Of-Its-Kind Apple CarPlay Ordering App, announcing it has partnered with Apple CarPlay for a new app that will make ordering pizza incredibly easy.


Can I get my Chicken IN A CUP Please? Why People Are Eating McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Out Of A Cup?


What word? I can’t find it. What are you talking about? Oh. Ok. Took some time but I see it now. And can’t un-see it. Walmart Pulls Shirts After Backlash Over Offensive Word.


Frickin Walmart… strikes again… @Walmart Canada on a childs shirt… really?!?!

♬ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan


CUSTOMER SERVICE HACK: It’s all about the 3’s. And a Patrick Swayze movie. The most important trick for getting resolution from an airline or any other large businesses.

NOW you tell me! Apparently there’s some foods that are NOT a good idea before flying. Who knew GUM was on the list?

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