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$4600 Cab-Secret Carrot Cake Coffee-Thrift Store Pricing fails

$4600 Cab-Secret Carrot Cake Coffee-Thrift Store Pricing fails

Headlines April 13: Local state of Emergency declared for the municipality of Boissevain-Morten due to overland flooding and washed-out roads. 70% of roads in the southern portion of the RM are flooded & are unsafe for travel. | Another CO LOW coming, bringing rain mixed with wet snow for MB today through Friday. Sun and double digits return for the weekend. | Woman airlifted to hospital after school bus collided with a car near the intersection of Hwy 59 & 52 11km N of St-Pierre-Jolys. 18 students from Steinbach Regional Secondary School returning from a field trip. | BPS still searching for suspect in Shoppers Mall bear mace incident, after a suspect reportedly sprayed employees and fled with an iPhone. | The union representing 120K federal employees have voted to strike, threatening “one of the largest strikes in Canadian history”. | Nurses at Wpg Health Sciences Centre feel unsafe going to and from their vehicles: union president. | Flood forecast optimistic in Westman; Minnedosa Mayor says the province told him there’s little risk the Little SK floods this year under current conditions. Today is International FND Awareness Day, Thomas Jefferson Day, National Peach Cobbler Day, Scrabble Day, and Support Teen Literature Day and National Make Lunch Count Day! Thanks for sharing some delicious lunch pics with the show this morning!

FB: From Christina Roper (Beef Lonches-Alamo Texas)

How To Order The TikTok Carrot Cake Latte At Starbucks! For the Starbucks iced carrot cake latte, order two pumps of chai and toffee nut syrup, one of brown sugar syrup, three shots of blonde espresso, and oat milk.

Most expensive cab ride EVER! While coming home from the Dominican Republic, one couple said they were “shocked” to see they’d been charged $4,623 for a 19-minute taxi ride, and got CTV Toronto involved so the could get their money back. Anastasia Brauer said she took a taxi recommended by their resort to the airport before Brauer said she paid the fare with her Bank of Montreal MasterCard. It was $36 USD. Or so she thought!


DON’T Watch if you get FLIGHT ANXIETY! A video shows several planes approaching the runway at Birmingham Airport in the UK at an angle as crosswinds battered the area. The Met Office issued yellow warnings for wind with gusts reaching 70mph in some parts of the country. Aviation photographer Dafydd Phillips described the situation as “challenging” for pilots. No kidding!

The FBI has issued a warning for travelers charging their devices! “Avoid using free charging stations in airports, hotels or shopping centers. Bad actors have figured out ways to use public USB ports to introduce malware and monitoring software onto devices. Carry your own charger and USB cord and use an electrical outlet instead.”

The gas station cup holder trick is what legends are made of! When you find yourself struggling to make it to your car with your drinks, the gas station cup holder trick is what legends are made of and here to save you. If you still get a plastic bag that is!

OOPS, City of LA says “we’ll be back” to fix your mistake. Arnold Schwarzenegger posts video filling in ‘giant pothole’ in L.A. — but city says it was actually a service trench.


Boomers, Millennials, Gen X & Gen Z Plan Travel Differently. Different age groups naturally look at the world differently from those before and after them, and it shows in just how much we also have in common.

Orlando is tops in North America, but what other spots are hot this Summer. Here’s a list of the places you’re most likely to see your friends and family travel to the next few months.

Ever go to the mall and not want to be there? You’re not alone. These are funny and sad at the same time.

Thrift Store Prices That Made People’s Blood Boil. Lots of people have noticed the sudden rise in thrift store prices, and they made sure to let the world know by sharing pictures, but these are some of the most mind-boggling examples of pricing gone wrong.


It could always be worse. If your day is off to a rough start, always remind yourself. Somewhere someone’s dog just ate the entire front seat of thier car!

And finally we present, the stripper pole on the street. Random experiment to see what people would do when you set one up!

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