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Robot Servers Arrive-Dive Bar Day-1200 Days Since I wore A tie

Robot Servers Arrive-Dive Bar Day-1200 Days Since I wore A tie

Headlines April 14: New bear spray restrictions: MB will now require ID when buying the spray, along with serial number registration and explanation what they intend to use it for at time of purchase. | MORE flood watches issued for parts of MB.  Eastern MB including Wpg and areas east of Hwy 75, under an overland flood watch as of Fri, lasting until noon on Sat, as MB watches the Red River in ND closely. | MB wants $500K in cash, 4 homes allegedly connected with drug-trafficking network forfeited. Wpg police announced 10 arrests in connection to the alleged trafficking network in March. | Jets fans, downtown restaurants eagerly awaiting Wpg whiteout party details today, as True North shares plans for playoff street parties at 11 a.m. |  6 figure jackpots – swamped volunteers: Chase the Ace lotteries cause ‘pandemonium’ across MB.  Brandon Seniors for Seniors Co-op Smack the Jack draw over $150K. | Brandon Chamber Dinner and Awards last night Barry Larocque Atom Jet Ind. Businessperson of the Year. A complete list of winners is below. Today is Friday April 14th which is Children With Alopecia Day, Day of Silence, Dreams of Reason Feast Day, Ex-Spouse Day, International Moment of Laughter Day, Look up at the Sky Day, National Dolphin Day, National Pecan Day, Pan American Day, Pathologists’ Assistant Day, Reach as High as You Can Day and National Dive Bar Day, my favorite of which is in my home town of Erickson Canada, called the Nordic Inn!

Over 1200 days since I wore a tie, but pulled it off last night! Congratulations to all the recipients of awards last night at our local Chamber of Commerce dinner! I was the MC had put a tie on for the first time since December 8, 2019!

THE Robots have ARRIVED. Although this may not be the first robot server in Manitoba, it’s the first one we’ve seen. We did get reports that BP in Neepawa MB also has one so we can expect to see these guys everywhere in restaurants soon. Does he get a tip? He has several trays to put food on the be carted to your table and even speaks to you! This one is at Kam Lung restaurant in Brandon.

Meteor Shower Will Make “Fireballs” in the Sky, Starting Saturday. Here’s How to See It. You can start watching as early as this weekend before the shower peaks next week.


Hollywood Shocker! Matthew McConaughey reveals he and Woody Harrelson might be brothers!


Grab your phone and some chocolate. How to traumatize your kids in 3 easy steps: The chocolate poo prank compilation 💩🤣 | LOVE THIS!

We don’t have plastic bags anymore so how are WE supposed to do this? Although some say that re-usable bags might work for this too. Regardless of the bags used, you have to admit, this is incredible. This Viral Video Shows One Walmart Shopper Carrying His Groceries — Including a Watermelon — Home on a Scooter!!!!

The BIGGEST Sandwiches at fast food right now. And almost all are subs! And Subway comes out on top as the GIANT SANDWICH CHAMP!


Florida’s amazing storm. These videos are CRAZY! THE RAIN! THE FLOODING! I hope we don’t get this kinda rain over the Summer.


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