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$10K Fine for Using TikTok-Bearded Barbie-Pizza Problems

$10K Fine for Using TikTok-Bearded Barbie-Pizza Problems

Headlines April 17: HEAVY Spring storm coming; Environment Canada. 10-20CM of wet snow Tues night, continuing through Wed and possibly Thurs. | Why can’t MB get rid of its pothole problem? It can’t afford to fix its roads, experts say. | Jets fans in for a few late nights with the first 2 games Vegas Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. and Thurs at 9 p.m. Series shifts back to Wpg for a Sat afternoon affair on April 22 at 3p & game 4 is 8:30p April 24. | 21 cans of bear spray, $1570 of cannabis seized from Wpg business: police. | The City of Bdn accommodation tax could soon change from a flat fee of $3 per night to 5% levy. Proposal to me made tonight. | Police drone, dive team searching riverbank near Waterfront Drive as Wpg police cordon off a section of riverbank in Point Douglas for an ongoing investigation. | No one was injured in a fire early Friday at the historic Royal Albert Arms hotel in Wpg Exchange District. | Decommissioning MB’s over-budget personal care home visitation pods will cost $5M. Shared Health is issuing a tender for the project. Today is Monday April 17th. It is Bat Appreciation Day, Blah, Blah, Blah Day, Boston Marathon Day, Ellis Island Family History Day, Ellis Island Family History Day, International Ford Mustang Day, International Haiku Poetry Day, Malbec World Day, National Cheeseball Day, National Crawfish Day, National Kickball Day, Patriots’ Day, and World Hemophilia. We also welcomed Sheri Connery on the show to talk about the Brandon Beer Festival. UNLIMITED Beer samples? YES!

SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT: A significant spring storm is set to bring a mix of rain and heavy snow to portions of southern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba on Tuesday night through Thursday this week. Total snowfall amounts will likely be in the 10 to 20 cm range by the time the system departs late week, however, as is the case with many late season significant storms, forecasting this system has proved to be quite a challenge. There remains to be uncertainties with the evolution of this system, ranging from timing the onset of rain turning to snow, snowfall totals, and the corridor of heaviest snowfall. In general, various model guidance remains muddled, with little in the way of a consensus of areas affected and total precipitation amounts. Rain mixed with snow will move into the region on Tuesday afternoon with precipitation fully transitioning to snow overnight on Tuesday. The heaviest snowfall will begin to fall early Wednesday morning. Total accumulations of all types of precipitation may exceed 20 mm for some areas, greatly exacerbating the flood situation for some regions. The highest confidence for the heaviest precipitation lies over eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba, roughly from Regina to the Manitoba Parklands. The greatest uncertainty lies over western Saskatchewan, west of Regina, and the eastern Red River Valley. Gusty winds will also be a concern, in addition to the snow, with moderate to strong easterly winds leading to poor travel conditions, particularly on Wednesday. Snowfall or winter storm watches and warnings will likely be forthcoming for some regions as the event draws nearer and the evolution of the low pressure system in the United States becomes more clear. LOOK AT ALL THAT BLUE!!!

Another Gas Price Jump as we hit $1.67  Could $2 be on the way for May Long? Here’s the latest from GasBuddy and the cheapest gas in the province, which apparently is in Warren MB. https://www.gasbuddy.com/gasprices/manitoba

 ‘Super Mario’ movie nears $700M global haul: ‘There are not enough adjectives to describe the enormity of this box office performance’ 

NEW SHOW PARTNERS! Welcome Jeff’s Clean Cut Yard Care and Forbidden Flavors Coffee! Please mention you saw their support on the show when getting coffee or calling for yard care! THANKS for the support!



THIS MOM is NUTS! Attempting to contact her daughter, this mother texted a grown man and was surprised by the response she received.  Wow! Prepare to do a lot of head shaking on this one.


Barbie has a BEARD? This Etsy crafter has glued hair to dolls and is selling them online. Kinda funny and disturbing at the same time!


We may have just hit PEAK FOOD INFLATION.  Prices in the US are stabilizing, some are dropping and here 5 things that have come down in price. 


Let’s go to the BAR! On a beautiful airplane! The best BARS at 40 thousand feet! Airlines  Onboard Bars & Lounges!  See the amazing pics in the link below.

Social Media FINES Coming? First US state votes to ban TikTok with $10,000 fine per violation. 

WE LOVE PIZZA! But frozen pizza is outselling delivery? The economy and the prices of food are changing some buying habits right now.


BUDWEISER RESCUE? Anheuser-Busch is attempting to get back in the good graces of customers with a new Budweiser ad following the Dylan Mulvaney backlash. Anheuser-Busch has been under intense pressure ever since Bud Light decided to team up with Mulvaney, a biological man who seems to enjoy mocking womanhood and what it means to be a girl. The CEO of Anheuser-Busch, Brendan Whitworth, released a statement Friday afternoon that drew plenty of attention, but that wasn’t the company’s only move, as Budweiser’s official Twitter account is posted a massive paid ad campaign for a pro-America video that attempts to tie America to the popular beer brand.


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