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Ruins a Movie Every time-Pothole Song-Post Malone Restaurant

Ruins a Movie Every time-Pothole Song-Post Malone Restaurant

Headlines April 18: ******WINTER STORM WATCH****** MB Hydrologic Forecast Centre says storm could bring between 10 to 25CM of snow; winds gusts up to 80km/hr in some areas in western, SW & central MB. | Wpg mother charged with driving impaired while baby, toddlers in vehicle. Police alerted by 911 calls of driver nearly side-swiping vehicles. | Rogers to move 300 overseas Shaw call centre jobs to Western Canada. Positions will move to B.C, AB & MB. | Canada’s public service workers will walk off the job if deal not reached by tomorrow. The federal employee union has members working in everything from border security to CRA. | MB wants 150 new family doctors for the province, and recruitment specialists to find them; Shared Health looking for outside help. | Private booze sales on ice. MB NDP want to stop expanded private liquor sales, review private cannabis. | Asessippi Ski Resort announces its 22-23 ski season was the most successful in 24 years. | Tickets for the first Wpg Whiteout Street Party sold out in less than an hour of going on sale. Tickets remain available for the street party on April 24. Today is Tuesday April 18th, which is Adult Autism Awareness Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Amateur Radio Day, World Heritage Day, National Animal Crackers Day, National Lineman Appreciation Day, National Transfer Money to Your Daughter’s Account Day, National Velociraptor Awareness Day, Newspaper Columnists’ Day, Pet Owners Independence Day, and Piñata Day!

McDonald’s is changing its hamburgers? According to a news release, the fast-food restaurant is working to ensure the buns are softer and toasted to a golden brown while having perfectly melted cheese on each burger. The slight changes have already been implemented in international markets and in several cities on the US West Coast. McDonald’s said customers will be able to taste the difference at all restaurants nationwide by 2024. And McDonald’s is bringing back the Hamburglar to get the word out about the upgrades.

The Monkey saving the kitty? Most heartwarming viral video you’ll see all week. Animals forming friendships with animals of other species may not seem to be common. But it is not something unlikely too. Numerous pets and animals are capable of developing sincere bonds with one another. And it looks like this cat and monkey have also found friendship in each other. At least the monkey feels he’s found a new friend.

Are the potholes BAD where you are? Brandon seems to be dealing with the Spring annoyance better than Winnipeg, where people are getting downright angry with the situation. Our friend Colin has taken SoundGarden’s Black Hole Sun and turned it into his own Pothole song!

You’ll never look at your office chair the same way again. Those wheels can convert to roller blades!


Watching MOVIES. What ruins the movie experience for you? Apparently a lot can go wrong when trying to watch a flick!


Post Malone has designed a restaurant! He showed up in Utah to cut the red ribbon, and open the new chicken store. He likes pink.


Chicago Blackhawks fans paint the ice! What a cool idea for fans of the team! Season ticket holders were allowed onto the ice to put their own personal art on the ice surface! Great idea!


Had a blast painting the ice with the @nhlblackhawks!! We’ll see you next season Hawks fans! #TopGunMode #fyp #blackhawks #nhl #picasso #painting

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

FB: Chicago Blackhawks

Sun Seeker Submissions! April 21st on CTV, watch for Quentin. It’s his big episode and Season Finale and he sent us a preview! There he is with MIchael J Fox’s Mom from B2TF!!!! How cool is that. He said she was super nice and loved “Dad jokes”.

Cindy is at it again. Cindy’s Ukrainian Easter was filled with more fun and games and costumes. This family knows how do have a colorful holiday and make sure the family is involved in some serious game action!

BEWARE what you put into DM’s on social media. Elon revealed last night one of the first things he discovered after taking over Twitter was that DM’s were being accessed by government agencies, since they weren’t encrypted.

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