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Bdn Restaurants expand 2 Wpg-Jets Game 4-New Coffee Contest

Bdn Restaurants expand 2 Wpg-Jets Game 4-New Coffee Contest

Headlines April 24:  Wet snow Wed/Thurs? We will get some mid week rain, but weather models are saying 20-40% chance that precip could come as snow. | No deal yet on public service strike as union, government trade accusations of foot-dragging. Treasury Board says there is no time for ‘stalling and misinformation’ from PSAC. | Flood level moderate as Red River reaches crest in Fargo; U.S. weather service. Crest in Wpg expected in 2-3 weeks. | New expansions will give Winnipeggers a taste of 2 Brandon restaurants. Brandon’s Chilli Chutney & Pizza Express looking to make their mark in the provincial capital. | Street sweeping, spring cleaning to begin Monday for City of Wpg. | RCMP warns community of tainted drugs after six overdoses in The Pas. | City of Wpg announces downtown street closures for tonight’s Whiteout Street Party as the Winnipeg Jets host the Vegas Golden Knights in game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoff series. Starting at 9 a.m., southbound Donald will be closed between Ellice and St. Mary Avenue. The city will also shut down Graham between Hargrave and Smith. Jets are down in series 2-1 that resumes tonight at 8:30. Today is National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day, New Kids on the Block Day, World Lab Animal Day and World Meningitis Day. And again, it’s WINNIPEG JETS GAME DAY!!!

(FB: Monica Curle/Saturday game in WPG)

The White out is NOT NEW. The first time the Jets played in Winnipeg, a BIGGER Winnipeg arena was the site of the first white out done back in the 80’s!

WOW. Another amazing night for NOTHERN LIGHTS across North America! Some amazing pics shared on the show this morning!

(FB: Lisa Burch)

Chili Chutney and Pizza Express! 2 of Brandon’s Favorite restaurants expand to the big city.


Bed, Bath and Beyond-Use the gift cards while you got ‘em. Bed Bath and Beyond is going Bankrupt.


Fire at Disneyland: A massive animatronic dragon in a Disneyland show in California was caught on video bursting into flames, reportedly prompting some employee evacuations Saturday night. Several videos shared to social media showed the 45-foot-tall Maleficent Dragon become engulfed in flames during the “Fantasmic!” show. KABC cited the Anaheim Fire Department in saying no injuries were reported.

NEW CONTEST ALERT! Check out my MUG shot. Take a pic of you and your coffee mug. Simply post it to the FB page and Friday we’ll give away more Forbidden flavors Coffee! You’ll win a 1 pound bag of the freshly roasted coffee of your choice and 2x$5 gift cards to Forbidden Flavours Brandon!

Will artificial intelligence replace travel agents? A travel expert uses ChatGPT to plan entire European backpacking trip – on $1k budget.

One of our Sun Seekers was on Network TV Friday Night! Quentin Derhak had a big “mobster” moment on the Spencer Sisters. He’s the guy on the far right in this shot sent in from Cindy!

Food, Fun places and Mayhem. These foods encompass all three as they caused some mayhem with customers. 6 Most Controversial Fast-Food Items Launched in 2023.


Amazing airline comes to Canada. Emirates is expanding its presence in Canada with the launch of a new daily service between Dubai and Montreal, starting from July 5. The announcement comes just weeks after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada signed an expanded air services agreement.

Why do we not eat our leftovers? It’s costing us a fortune! Average person wastes nearly $3,000 in groceries every year.


Spring Cleaning is good for you! 8 in 10 agree spring cleaning makes them feel more in control of their life.


Unrealistic vacation expectations? It looks like social media is at least in part to blame, as 72 percent believe that it contributed to unrealistic expectations for travel. But respondents also admit their own role in this: 67 percent said their own planning has led them to be disappointed while traveling for leisure. When planning trips, a key part is managing expectations, because rough patches in any adventure are inevitable.


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