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Jets Coach Meltdown-Mug Shot Winner-Air BnB Hidden Camera

Jets Coach Meltdown-Mug Shot Winner-Air BnB Hidden Camera

Headlines April 28: Jets are done & coach Bowness ‘disgusted’ after ugly season-ending loss to Vegas: 1st team to advance, will play winner of Oiler-LA series. | MB prize winners’ father-son trip to attend Stanley Cup potentially nixed by passport woes as federal workers strike continues. | Man convicted of murdering Wpg taxi driver may face deportation, defense lawyers say. | Wpg Airports Authority hopes to restore direct flights to Denver & Chicago. Pilot shortage could hamper reconnections. | Expanding rural internet, cell access on hold as Xplore, MB Hydro squabble over invoice from MB Hydro. | MB boosts funding for youth summer job program with $10M in grants for hires aged 15-29. | MB early childhood educators get pay bump as gov tries to draw workers to sector. | Bdn man sues Superstore for $285K after he allegedly slipped and fell on ice outside the business last winter. | Man faces charges; 2 treated in hospital after a crash with a semi & car on Oak Point Hwy at Selkirk Tues leading to a 5-hour environmental cleanup. | United Way Indoor Garage Sale goes this weekend 9-3 Keystone Centre. Today is Friday April 28th. Goodbye April! Today is Childcare Professionals Day, Clean Comedy Day, Great Poetry Reading Day, Pay it Forward Day, National Arbor Day, National Blueberry Pie Day, National Cubicle Day, National Hairball Awareness Day, National Historic Marker Day, National Superhero Day
and National Kiss Your Mate Day!

🏆MUG SHOT Contest! 🏆

We asked you to post a pic of you & your mug! and Friday we did another draw for a 1 pound package of freshly ground coffee (of your choice from Forbidden Flavours on 18th and 2x $5 dollar gift cards!

☕️💜🔥CONGRATULATIONS Tanya Martin!! 🔥💜☕️

Tanya and her mug: FB 🙂

AND THANKS FOR ALL THE ENTRIES!!! (Here’s just a few)

WINNIPEG JETS ARE DONE. After losing 4-1 to Vegas, coach was not happy. Tough way to end the season.

Drive Thru Returns? One major US retailer won’t even make you get outta your car to return stuff to the store!


We’ve lost Jerry Springer. But he will live on forever in syndication. And in one Simpson’s Episodes that ended up being one of his last appearances on TV.


HIDDEN CAMERA?!?!?! Kennedy went on vacation with 15 of her friends to an AirBnB, for a 30th birthdays. One friend felt suspicious, and decided to check the house with a flashlight for hidden cameras and found a hidden camera in an outlet directly facing the shower, and the police called. “I was really embarrassed personally,” Kennedy joked, “because of the absolutely atrocious things I was doing in the bathroom the night prior.” CHECK THIS OUT:

TRAVEL Tip or Over thinking? Is it ever OK to ask someone where they’re from?


Remember Carrol Burnett? She turned 90 this week and her laugh out loud comedy is still causing mayhem in syndication. You can catch her show from the 70’s on Pluto TV now.

Do Good Deeds have to happen on camera to be real? Apparently so. A TikToker was confused and ended up in tears when strangers refused her offer to pay for their groceries.


in hindsight i can see why people can react differently to this, but my intentions were purely to brighten up someones day💕 i’m still super happy with what I ended up doing and i’ll do more of it for sure #storytime #vlog #makesomeonesday #foodshop

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