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Tips at Self Check Out-Best Smells-New “no ring no Bring” rule.

Tips at Self Check Out-Best Smells-New “no ring no Bring” rule.

Headlines May 9: Mother’s Day 2023 may be one of the hottest we’ve seen in years. Environment Canada is predicting sunshine and warm temps for the weekend, including sun and +30 for Sunday. | MB sending equipment, crew members to help with Alberta wildfires. |  2 inmates with a history of violence are at large after escaping from jail Monday evening in The Pas. | MB RCMP seek suspects after car set alight while St. Andrews family slept. | Wpg police officer injured after being kicked, bitten during arrest. | Machete attack at Winnipeg mall started over pair of shoes: police. | New Manitoba fishing limits causing concern among some tournament anglers, as the season in MB is now open year round, with exceptions for certain areas and certain species. It also introduced a new single annual licence with smaller possession limits. | Winnipeg Ice moving into Canada Life Centre for WHL championship series.  Game 1 against a yet-to-be-determined opponent is scheduled for Friday starting at 7:00 p.m. Game 2 is set for Saturday with a 6:00 p.m. puck drop. | Blackhawks win NHL draft lottery, get to pick Connor Bedard. | Digital loonie? Bank of Canada wants your thoughts on potential new currency. |  Today is Hurray for Buttons Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day, National Butterscotch Brownie Day, National Moscato Day, National Teacher Day, Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day and Nurses Appreciate Week!!!! YAY Nurses!

We start with some sad news. We lost a “Sun Seeker” yesterday as Peggy left us to be with her Husband Bill. I’m so glad that I got to spend the time I did with both her and Biil and thinking of the Rudolph family at this difficult time. Peggy and Bill were two of my biggest fans and were always full of laughs and love. Having coming on a few Star Jet vacations it was great to get to know people who enjoyed the shows I did on a totally different level. My deepest condolences to everyone in your family. They were both loved very much.❤️

Thanks for all the fun times. We’ll miss you Peggy.

Drama on the Tyler Glen Show! So Uncle Bo decided that he would like to get on the Show in a cameo roll so he did a photo bomb at one of the highway cameras featured on the show every 30 minutes. He made a TGS sign to get some publicity for the show, and while we all thought it was funny, I was kind of worried he was gonna get hit by a car. I made a TikTok video showing what he did and warning people not to “copy-cat” the idea. Uncle Bo saw the video and thought that the police were going to be after him before his stunt so the video went bye-bye. Instead, we gave him a mug, thanked him for his work, and now have the makings of a new contest called show me your Tyler Glen Show Love Contest. But the rules are: you can’t break the law, you must be safe at all times, and you can’t have a manager/police come back to you/and or the show based on the stunt you pulled. Monthly mug anyone? haha.

What is that Winnipeg Jet Supposed to be? What if AI (artificial inteligence) re-imagined NHL mascots?

TIPPING when you’re at SELF CHECKOUT!?!?!?! Customers are being asked to tip even at self check-out. Some say it’s ’emotional blackmail.’ 


Getting Married at a Fast food Restaurant? The Tear-Jerking Reason A Couple Got Married At White Castle.


I love the smell of fresh cut grass and chlorine! These are the scents you most associate with your childhood home! 



You know I’m right about that last one 🥵

♬ original sound – Kaleb Furst

Make sure you get something nice and do something nice for Mom! Here’s the best Mother’s Day gifts: Top 5 Mom-worthy presents most recommended by experts: 


Quick, hit the DOOR CLOSED Button! Three in 10 have tried to close the elevator door to leave someone behind 


Wedding season is coming. Are you engaged? Married? You’re BF or GF may not be going with you to that wedding. Have You Ever Heard The Wedding Rule “No Ring, No Bring?” 

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