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Changing Marshmallows-Daddy at 79-Fruit Rollup Crackdown

Changing Marshmallows-Daddy at 79-Fruit Rollup Crackdown

Headlines May 10: Canada will allow online passport renewal services this fall says Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. | An ‘Alert Ready’ test will be conducted today on multiple communications channels at 1:55 pm CDT. |All escaped inmates in custody: RCMP end Manitoba manhunt. | MB Hydro, Parks Canada tackle invasive threat of zebra mussels, as Hydro deals with a plague of mussels covering some of its generating stations; will spend millions in an effort to curtail the invasive species. | Slow down, move over: Manitobans reminded to keep roadside workers safe. | Manitobans soon to have up-to-date info on insurance claims online, through the rollout of a new service, Check My Claim, MPI’s newest feature, enables customers to access status of their personal vehicle claim status. | Wpg driver killed in 3 car pileup on Hwy 59. | Wpg police officer injured after being kicked, bitten during arrest. | She wrote book on husband’s death; police say she killed him. Utah woman accused of poisoning her husband with lethal dose of fentanyl at their home near Park City, according to charging documents. | ESPN’s Anderson apologizes for mocking Vegas Knight Zach Whitecloud’s name. “It’s my job to be prepared and know the backgrounds of the players and I blew it.” Today is Bike To School Day, Clean Up Your Room Day, Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day, International Receptionists’ Day, National Lipid Day, National Root Canal Appreciation Day, National School Nurse Day, National Nurses Week, National Third Shift Workers Day, Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day, Trust Your Intuition Day, National Small Business Day, and National Shrimp Day.

Camping season is here and so is Marshmallow Season! Color-changing marshmallows are going to be the next campfire rage!


‘Candy Salad’: The Latest TikTok Food Trend 0/10 Dentists Recommend


Remember party lines? Land lines? Families Are Buying “House Cell Phones”

NEW Potato chips for the beach or campsite. Although we may need to look south of the border for these ones, Lay’s announces three sandwich-inspired potato chips.


CONTRABAND in the form of……Fruit Roll Ups? Authorities Just Seized 1,000 Pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups In an International Smuggling Crackdown. Why are people smuggling them and what’s the big deal?


McHappy Day and new sandwich is here! McDonald’s Launches New Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder In Canada

Baby Daddy and Senior Citizen. HOLLYWOOD STAR at, 79, reveals he has recently welcomed a new baby making him a father of 7?


AI has come to the fast food Drive thru. Wendy’s to trial chatbot might be your next drive-thru operator.


There’s sleeping on a place and then there’s sleeping in a BED on a plane! The airline bringing bunk beds in economy, which is something we’ve never seen before.


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