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School Nixes Mom Day Message-7 Summer Shortages-Prizes!

School Nixes Mom Day Message-7 Summer Shortages-Prizes!

Headlines May 11: First Tornado warning of the season was issued for RM of Ellice-Archie Wednesday when intense storm brought hail & strong winds to area. | Brandon man charged with impersonating police officer; allege he was attempting to get info about an ex-girlfriend. | Several campgrounds in southern MB to open this weekend, kicking off the 2023 season, while some remain closed due to flood-related repairs. All provincial park campgrounds open for May long. | Delegation calls on BSD to remove LGBTQ & sex ed books in school libraries. SERC program manager calls it “very concerning”. | MB promises more than $1M, to start, for affordable housing aid. | Canadians can apply to renew passports online beginning this fall; new design sees icons removed from security features including Terry Fox and Vimy Ridge. | Number of Manitobans declaring bankruptcy on the rise as 200 individuals filed for bankruptcy in the first quarter. Experts say the second could see even more. | Westjet is launching new direct flights between Winnipeg and Atlanta, starting in September. | Maxime Bernier appears to eye MB by-election in bid to return as MP.   Today is May 11th, Hostess CupCake Day, Make-A-Book Day, National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, National Twilight Zone Day, World Ego Awareness Day and Eat What You Want Day! (Number one food picked by “sun-seekers” as their guilty food pleasure? PIZZA of course.)

Sara’s first Mother’s day too (with Summer from FB)

CONGRATULATIONS Sara Fehr! Sara is going to need a sitter for this little one as she won tickets to Kevin Farley this morning on the show! Kevin Farley Shows are TOMORROW @ KC Amphitheatre & May 13 Elkhorn Resort! and SARA WON 2 tix to the Elkhorn show & $50 GC to the Buffalo Bar & Grill! Thanks for entering! Thanks for winning! Thanks Tammy and Enlightenment for the tix and enjoy the shows!

One of the area’s most beloved Pizza spots is changing hands. Another set of owners retires from the restaurant business, this time it’s Brad and Diane from Benny’s Astoria Pizza off the Yellowhead in Shoal Lake. But not before thanking fans and friends and making sure we can all sneak up there to get one more slice of their amazing pizza.

Mother’s Day sign controversy: Some parents in Toronto call out a local school for posting what they claim was a “harmful” and “exclusionary” Mother’s Day greeting on its outdoor message board which read: “Life does not come with a manual. It comes with a mom.”

A woman, whose children do not attend the school, objected to the message because it leaves out many families and went public with her concerns. “I don’t know if this is a terribly misguided attempt at wishing folks a happy Mother’s Day or just generally the worst sign possible …,” she wrote on social media. “I don’t feel like this represents the neighborhood it’s in, the cohort of families at this school, or anything really.” Dozens of parents have agreed and say they find the message problematic, saying it does not take into account different kinds of families, those with “kids in foster care, kids with two dads, kids who have no contact with their moms, kids who have abusive moms,” who may or may not see their mother figure as the one who holds the “manual” of life. Grade 6 students came up with the quote for Mother’s Day this weekend, to share how much they care for and depend on their moms, but after the feedback, the school felt quote did not reflect the inclusivity of the community, and the sign was updated…”


Can I still get a table? Mother’s Day is not just THREE DAYS AWAY. The post Is it Already Too Late to Get a Table for Mother’s Day? first appeared on Restaurant Magazine.


TIME TO STOCK UP! It looks like we may have a shortage of some foods this Summer. Tequila is one of them! OH NO! Below are the 7 Grocery Shortages That Could Happen This Summer.


The mosquito fight starts NOW! Cindy says THIS spray is the one she uses to fight the little guys. Others say Watkins spray is the best. Regardless of what you use to fight them, it sounds like the SOAP you use might ATTRACT them!


OTHER HOLLYWOOD HEADLINES: ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel In The Works At Disney With Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan Expected To Reprise Roles and Jenna Ortega Is Playing Winona Ryder’s Daughter In “Beetlejuice 2”. More on both stories below!



Elon Mush is changing the internet game and fast. Is it a social media company? A media platform? A communication and calling hub? Twitter is getting an upgrade with some brand-new features as Elon announces the release of several new additions, including encrypted messages and calling.


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