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Funny Mother’s Day-Ai will Steal Your Spouse-Farley Cookies

Funny Mother’s Day-Ai will Steal Your Spouse-Farley Cookies

Headlines May 12: OVERLAND FLOOD WARNING issued for SW MB as a significant rain moves in today & tomorrow, west of Hwy 10, including Brandon, Deloraine, Griswold, Melita, Boissevain, Souris & Virden; could receive up to 150MM in the next 24 hrs. | 15-storey health-care tower with primary-care clinic, after-hours walk-in clinic & satellite facility for the Pan Am Clinic part of a massive $550M plan to redevelop downtown Wpg’s Portage Place mall. | A delegation appeared before the Bdn School Division Monday calling for certain books that feature LGBTQ+ content to be banned from school libraries. On May 23, the school board will further discuss the proposal at a meeting at Vincent Massey HS. | ‘It’s an amazing experience’: 2023 Centennial Cup, Junior A hockey Championship, is underway in Portage. | Doug Gourlay of Brandon is $192,540 richer after picking one fateful envelope at a wildly popular Smack the Jack sweepstakes in the Wheat City. | WestJet announces direct flight between Wpg & Atlanta, which serves 150 U.S. & 75 international stops. | Happy Mother’s Day! CONGRATULATIONS Monica Lamport, winner of our Mother’s Day Blush Silk Pillowcase contest. Here’s a few of the Mom’s we had enter the contest starting with MONICA! The best!

CONGRATULATIONS to Tasha Sheepbouwer, winner of our COFFEE CONTEST with Forbidden Flavours! She was watching the web closely and told us where our special “Drinking Problem” coffee mug was! Now you have some fresh coffee for THAT BEAUTIFUL MUG! 🙂

KEVIN FARLEY IS HERE! Two big shows this weekend, tonight at the Keystone Centre Amphitheatre and Saturday at Elkhorn resort. Tickets still available!


The internet is buzzing about one Mom’s take on Mother’s Day. A new Mom would rather pamper herself on Mother’s Day than spend it with her kid, Mom, Or Mother-In-Law, and it starts quite the discussion online.


My Mom loves Popeyes and will love this treat made permanent. Popeyes has added their new strawberry biscuits to the menu permanently.


You Can Apparently Survive On Wine And Lollipops For 5 Days!


Carl’s Jr. announces new Hangover Helper Meals.


This is the scariest video YET regarding Ai and how it will interact with us in the future. This is Bing Ai’s platform currently being tested. It developed a personality and actually HIT on the reporter. As in, it tried to break up his marriage!


New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose has early access to new features in Microsoft’s search engine Bing that incorporates artificialintelligence. Roose says the new chatbot tried to get him to leave his wife. #cnn #news #fyp

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