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WestJet Strike-5 Scary Dreams That R Good-More Ai Commercials

WestJet Strike-5 Scary Dreams That R Good-More Ai Commercials

Headlines May 15: No Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup. Again. Oilers eliminated from playoffs after losing to Golden Knights in Game 6.  BU to include mandatory Indigenous courses into curriculum, with requirement to be in place for upcoming fall semester. Starting in Sept, all BU undergraduate students entering 1st year will be required to complete a minimum of 3 credit hours of Indigenous content before receiving a degree. | The next phase of Bdn’s “vision zero” pilot project will have neighborhood street speed limits reduced. Speeds will move from 50km/hr to 40km/hr in several areas of the city this Summer. | MB farmers optimistic about the start of spring seeding. The gov crop report for the 23 growing season expected May 16. | Police investigating suspicious circumstances involving men near Wpg schools. 3 separate incidents were reported last week in St. Vital & Transcona. | Veteran CFL running back Andrew Harris plans to savour final training camp. CFL 1st pre season game goes May 22. Today is Bring Flowers to Someone Day, International Day of Families, National Chocolate Chip Day, and Relive Your Past By Listening to the First Music You Ever Bought No Matter What It Was No Excuses Day!

WestJet Strike coming…….how this will affect your flight. 1,850 WestJet pilots are preparing to go on strike as soon as tomorrow. The Air Line Pilots Association claims they have been overworked and underpaid, with the airline losing 30 pilots a month. Other airlines, especially in the U.S., are offering better pay, schedules and job security, they say. The looming strike comes as air travel in Canada has already been hit by delays and flight cancellations this year, prompting a flurry of passenger complaints. Pilots have already began picketing in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver this week.

Isn’t a dog park without barking just a park? No barking, whining or howling allowed at a Montreal dog park. Fines of up to $2000.


Could you EAT in the SHOWER? What if you got paid to do it? A man who reviews food in the shower wants Gordon Ramsay to feed him.

Having dreams that concern you in the daytime? 5 scary dreams that actually mean something good, exsperts say.


He ate what and how much? The incredible last meals of infamous death row inmates.


HOT MOVIES and BIGGEST ACTOR in the Game right now. This is actor Chris Pratt’s sixth week with a film atop the box office charts.


Are you Supermom? 73% of mothers feel they are the best in the world!


TOO FUNNY! I can’t believe these are real, but trust me when I say they are! The Worst Album Covers That Ever Existed


A.I. Is Back At It: and it just can’t make an effective commercial. Ai can do many things, but I’m not sure Madison Avenue has much to worryk about. This Pizza Nuggets Ad That is Pure Nightmare Fuel.


Living the dream. Selling everything, and I mean everything, buying a van, and travelling the country with your kids. This family of three sold almost everything to live in a van and travel around Australia all year round!


Emma Stone’s New movie! Why everyone is taking about the window in her promo shot!


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