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MB Discount Store Mayhem-May Long-Most Expensive Hotels

MB Discount Store Mayhem-May Long-Most Expensive Hotels

Headlines May 29: MAY LONG WEATHER: SUNNY temps +20 to +28 all weekend. | Strike averted as WestJet; pilots reach 11th-hour deal. The deadline for WestJet’s work stoppage was 2 a.m. | May Long is here, and gas prices could be on the rise; Experts say shifting factors including wildfires in AB, a slowing economy and potential pressures on supply to have an effect on gas prices. | Brandon breaks Ground on an $11M Outdoor Field Sports Complex (OFSC), at 1st & Veterans Way and will include an outdoor FIFA-sized soccer field with lighting, 11 x 11 soccer fields, a dedicated 9 x 9 soccer field, a cricket pitch, and field house. | MB Gov announces $220M investment in provincial parks, including road upgrades and new campground bays at Spruce Woods. | Many young Canadian professionals are at a mental health ‘breaking point,’ new study from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) finds. 5 million young professionals are in need of mental health support, advising businesses and organizations to invest more into employee wellbeing. | Manitoba inking 3 more deals with private providers for out-of-province surgeries, with more sent out of province for surgery as part of the government’s continuing effort to reduce the surgical backlog. | Proceeds of crime to pay for Brandon Bear Clan bus, police equipment. Majority of money going to police service, some will be used to buy a drone. | Mixed reaction, as less than 100 residents came to Keystone Centre for first city planning meeting for 15 minute cities since March, when a confrontation led to temporary cancellation of consultations. 15-min cities; a concept that plans for communities to be designed in a way that allows residents to access all necessary amenities and services in 15 minutes or less of travel time. Today is Friday May 19th, Accounting Day, Boy’s Club Day, Endangered Species Day, NASCAR Day, National Bike to Work Day, National Devil’s Food Cake Day, World Family Doctor Day and National Pizza Party Day!


I’ve seen weddings with pizza parties, but this was the 1st time seeing a custom pizza! It was SO freaking cutie & a great moment for pics! ❤️🍕⚡️ #weddingphotoinspo #weddingaesthetic #weddingtrends #trending #pizza #pizzawedding #italianwedding #weddingideas #weddingplanning #weddingphotographer #tampa #orlando #miami #newyork #trending

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Travelers rejoice! WestJet Strike AVERTED!

NEW FAST N FURIOUS is OUT! Paul Walker’s brother says there are no surprise appearances from him in the final chapter (allegedly) of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise … but he’s happy another family member is getting her shine. Could we see him play Paul in the final movie in the franchise? Speculation is YES. With help from Cody and of course Ai. In the meantime, this will get you ready for the big opening this weekend!

Dr. Pepper Ice Cream? I’m in!


MAYHEM at GT Boutique: Yolanda Swan was just coming into her local giant Tiger store when MAYHEM errupted. She witnessed what appeared to be two people trying to leave wit a cart full of merchandise while staff attempted to stop them. Things got to the point a picture was lifted by one of the customers and thrown at staff, at which point staff gave up on attempting to stop them. (FB: Yolanda Swan GT Logan and Mcphillips)

ChatGPT Launches First-Ever App On IPhones: The company said the Android version of ChatGPT is “coming soon.”


Here comes the Ads: Remember, when you link your PRIME account to your TWITCH account you get AD FREE Viewing of the Tyler Glen Show. However, just announces-YouTube has introduced non-skippable 30-Second TV Ads


Fast Food Ai explained. Wendy’s has pulled the certain back on it’s plans to use Ai at the drive thru and the plan includes robots, underground, to get the food from Kitchen to car.


FANTASYLAND: When money is no object, where should you stay? For the ultimate in luxury we visit some of the world’s most expensive hotels!

‘Dirty’ money? People pay in cash to forget about guilty purchases. Cards are convenient, but cash is king when it comes to guilty purchases.


Friday FUN: Ai Takes on Ferris Beuhler and Arnold in 80’s classic.

Tyler’s Ai Co-host? Not a co-host but more of an Ai Advisor. Will it turn into a co-host eventually? Who knows. But for now, the Ai that helps us answer some of the fun and funny questions on the Tyler Glen Show needs a name. The final four of the Dozen or so tossed around by sun seekers are:





Voting goes all weekend on FB and Twitter!

Below is Annie. WOW. I don’t think the show is THERE yet, but is it coming?


FaceTiming live with AI… This app came across the eluna.ai Discord and I was very impressed with the results. Being able to interface with a very responsive ChatGPT, that can handle interruptions, natural expression and language, etc… this is a glimpse of something absolutely transformative, and perhaps, quite dystopian – who’s seen the movie HER? #ai #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #gpt4 #tech

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