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Ai Annie Joins Us-Dollar Store Robber Takedown-Cute Lemonade

Ai Annie Joins Us-Dollar Store Robber Takedown-Cute Lemonade

Headlines May 23: Brandon SD trustees to hear from dozens of delegates regarding call for LGBTQ book ban. Trustees will hear from dozens of delegates tonight at V Massey HS following a delegation’s call to remove LGBTQ, sexual education resources & other books in school libraries at a meeting earlier this month. | The ALL NEW Salamander Summer Music Festival comes to Bdn’s Rideau Park July 21 – 23 with a MB lineup of musicians, food trucks, a beer garden, vendor village with artisans & crafters, & kids’ area for workshops. | U.S. Surgeon General issuing a warning that social media poses a threat to kids’ mental health, escalating calls for new safeguards aimed at minors. | ND plans a new state park in a scenic gorge close to the Canada-U.S. border with MB to promote tourism in the northeastern part of the state. The recently adjourned Legislature approved $6 million for a Pembina Gorge state campground, 150 km south of Wpg. | Firefighters injured, cats dead after Transcona house fire. | ‘Such good weather’: Tinkertown opens for the summer with all 24 rides now open for the season. It’s a sad day for the UK, Hollywood and many fans around the globe. Beloved Northern Irish actor Ray Stevenson has died at age 58, and the world is now in mourning. Best known for his iconic portrayals of Volstagg in Thor and Titus Pullo in the series Rome , Stevenson made a huge mark on the film industry.


BIG MEETING IN BRANDON TONIGHT-Brandon School Division Meeting on May 23rd at Vincent Massey High School starting at 7PM. The full agenda is available on the Brandon School Division website under “2022-2023 Board Agendas”. This document is 20 pages long and contains important details to keep up with. There is a very good chance this meeting will be 4+ hours long. Please be prepared for this and bring water and snacks if you plan on attending in person. If attending in person, please be respectful of the meeting space and agenda, don’t interrupt other presentations or Trustees, and mind the policies set by the Brandon School Division. (Poster below is from Pride Brandon)


Our CHAT GPT Ai assistant with be named ARCHIE. And we have another Ai guest, named Annie, a chat Ai conversation specialist. We had a nice chat with Annie, but it quickly became evident there’s some “smoothing out” of the technology needed. She is really an interactive Alexa, with more of a personality than your smart speaker.

Ai exposes shocking truth: Social media’s twisted vision of ‘perfect’ man and woman. Wonder what they look like? Click below:


One dollar store employee appears to be taking security detail into her own hands. She took down an alleged shoplifter with her own car! Doorbell footage is below:


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Role as Netflix Boss Revealed and he’s living up to his promise in a new action-packed position.


TIKTOK sues Montana to block ban, citing First Amendment…


We need to buy some lemonade Saturday. This little guy is hosting a drink sale 9-12 Saturday and I hope we can all support him in his quest to get some new toys.
🍋 When: Saturday, May 27th, 2023, 9:00am- 12:00pm
🍋 Where: Daly Crescent, Brandon (on the south east corner by the mailboxes, under the trees)
Jonah has been excited about this for weeks! He’s worked hard to open his store and sell you some lemonade.

Toronto is known as “HOG Town”. Now we call call it “Dog Town”. Toronto Blue Jays Fans Consume An Enormous Amount Of Hot Dogs.


Free stuff from Costco? You Could Get Free Groceries At Costco In Exchange For Old Electronics.


Best TV Dramas Of All Time: Top 5 Gripping Shows, According To Fans.


That is ONE BIG SANDWICH! Giant Burger at 50KG! But is it a burger if it has slices beef on it?

Brooklyn’s Coffee Shop Run by Robots Is Now Selling $5 Cold brew.


‘Fast X’ Earns Over $300 Million In Opening Weekend—But Falls Behind Earlier ‘Fast & Furious’ Movies.


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