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BIG Book Ban Meeting-Biggest waste of Money-Snickers Salad

BIG Book Ban Meeting-Biggest waste of Money-Snickers Salad

Headlines May 24: Brandon School Division rejects call to remove library books on sexuality, gender identity. Loud cheers erupted inside a packed high school gym after the Brandon School Division rejected a call to remove books dealing with sexuality & gender identity from libraries. | A 19 yr old Brandon man is dead after a crash where his car rolled over several times and landed on it’s roof.  RCMP say the single-car rollover panned on Hwy 3, just east of Road 162 West. | Dauphin vehicle stop leads to arrests, seizure of loaded firearms: RCMP | 24 yr old Wpg resident dies after 3-vehicle crash in Kenora area. 2 others taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. | MB RCMP say human remains have been found on the shore of Lake Wpg, in the Matlock Beach area on Sat morning. Today is Asparagus Day, Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, Emergency Medical Services for Children Day, International Tiara Day, National Escargot Day and Scavenger Hunt Day.

Brandon School Board meeting moved to Massey Gym: Last night the Brandon School Division rejected a call to remove books dealing with sexuality and gender identity from libraries. Hundreds of people showed up for the marathon school division meeting, which ran into the early morning hours. (chance are you went to bed when the meeting was still on so we have the entire meeting, all 6 hours, below). The trustees ultimately voted 6-1 to reject a proposal to create a committee of trustees and parents to review books available in division schools. At the time of posting, over 14 000 watched last night’s meeting across the province, across Canada, and around the world. (CLICK VIDEO BELOW)

(FB: Will Goodon-Brandon’s Vincent Massey HS May 23, 2023)


Winnipeg River Floater-I guess that’s one way to beat the heat, but VERY Dangerous. Cameras caught one guy floating down the river in Winnipeg yesterday. Winnipeg Wildn’ got several angles and the guy obviously got some footage himself, with a few “dirty river selfies”.


People Share Things That They Think Are A Huge Waste Of Money. With more than half of people living paycheck to paycheck , saving becomes as important as ever. This usually starts with cutting down on unnecessary spending. This morning we were asking everyone, “What’s the biggest waste of money?”


The ‘Cocaine Shark’ Movie — Yes, You Read Right — Gets New Trailer. This mockbuster of Elizabeth Banks’ 2023 hit “Cocaine Bear” is available on VOD and DVD in July — if you actually want to see it.

Snickers Salad Recipe! It’s packed with cream cheese mousse, tart apples, and snickers that combine to make the ultimate side dish recipe perfect for summer potlucks, BBQs, holidays, or any family gathering. Snickers Salad This dessert-style salad recipe.


My Bags are too heavy-NOW what? Maybe we can beat luggage fees, by wearing all our stuff? One woman was fined for trying to skirt airline baggage fees by wearing all the clothes. Perhaps if she and her friend had not put on such a show and made a party in the boarding area?


The Most Popular Happy Meal Toy The Year You Were Born. Here are some of the most popular McDonald’s Happy Meal toys from the last several decades. Prepare to go back in time to the year you were born. Or for some it might be the year you graduated.


Fight Breaks Out At Chicago O’Hare Baggage Claim. It’s not clear what started the fight, but this actually breaks out into more than one fight .

How long after expiry date can you eat something? The Viral TikToker That’s Combating Food Waste By Eating Expired Food. Here’s what he’s telling his followers.


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