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HOT SK store Sells USA Stuff-Burger Day-Airplane Open Door

HOT SK store Sells USA Stuff-Burger Day-Airplane Open Door

Headlines May 26: IT IS HOT. Heat Warning issued by Environment Canada issued Thursday at 3:36 p.m, encompassing Wpg, Bdn & Portage and it remains in effect. Hot & humid conditions are expected over the next few days as daytime high temperatures could near 32 degrees. | CAA’s “top 3” worst roads are outside Wpg. Highway 307 was 1st, followed by Brandon’s 18th Street, and Hwy 34. | A 24-year-old man is under investigation by BPS, alleged of luring via SnapChat. Police said they received a report Sunday about a man giving meth to a 15yr old girl, after the girl’s parents took her to hospital. | 2 people charged with multiple drug-related offences after a raid at a magic mushroom shop in Osborne Village Wpg last week. Both 37yrs old, the two face charges of trafficking, being in possession of a scheduled substance, possession of property obtained by crime. | Community organizations handing out naloxone kits say they are running low, but the province says the issue isn’t because of access to the drug, but rather supply chain issues with different components of the kit. | Part 2 of Bdn City Wide Yardsale Weekend, and 3 big events planning for Keystone Centre including indoor crafts sale. Here’s a few weekend happenings:


Few things stink more than nail polish. But that didn’t stop one woman on a recent flight. Seatmates Fume She Applies A Top Coat.

Can’t get that in Canada: Cereals That Are Banned In Other Countries. Some popular U.S. cereals are banned elsewhere due to the inclusion of food dyes, chemicals, and preservatives. See which cereals are banned in other countries.


And it’s not just cereal. From cake mixes to soda pop, there a litterally hundreds of food products not available in Canada. One man in Saskatchewan has created a store to fix that. Aside from coffee, Kelvin’s store in Watrous stocks 100% USA items and people are coming from far and wide to shop here. From Dolly Parton cake mix to Fruit Cake flavored Mountain Dew, this store is amazing.


I thought you couldn’t open an airplane door mid flight! Apparently you can. A passenger onboard an Asiana Airlines flight from Jeju to Daegu in South Korea has been arrested on suspicion of forcibly opening one of the doors of an Airbus A321 aircraft while still in flight. WOW!

Power trip or more too it? A Customer at Walmart Said an Employee Held Him Hostage and Accused Him of Stealing. You be the judge.

CAREFUL with your PHONE or iPad around your small kids. Another story of a parent dealing with a BIG BILL thanks to a child unaware of the costs associated with downloading apps and making in app purchases. $6000 is a tough lesson for this one single Mom.


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