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Vegas Sports-Weighing Airline Passengers-Wedding Cost Shock

Vegas Sports-Weighing Airline Passengers-Wedding Cost Shock

Headlines May 30:

-A Wpg family is asking for help to find their missing teenage son whom they haven’t seen since he left for school in the Fort Richmond area last Wed morning. Inuka Gunathilaka was last seen on May 24. (Pic below: Winnipeg Police Service)

-60yr old man was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up a store in Brandon Sunday after BPS receive a report of a customer threatening employees at a store in the 800 block of 18th Street N.

-One person taken to hospital after motorcycle crash on Lagimodiere near south Perimeter yesterday.

-Police, fire & paramedic spending to blame for Wpg budget shortfall: report.

-Province to reassess how MB schools are funded. In Feb the province announced a model which would see $100M more for public education or 6% increase. However, some school divisions still come up short.

-MB RCMP investigate suspected homicide in Swan River after 29yr old woman found dead.

-Danielle Smith will continue as premier of Alberta after a UCP win in provincial election, forming a a majority government.

NHL, NFL and NOW MLB! Not only is Vegas on the cusp of having a world class, and possibly Stanley Cup winning hockey team, but another sport is coming. Hot on the heels of NFL Football coming to the strip, Major League Baseball is next. And now we can see what the baseball stadium will look like, and where it’s going to go! WOW!


Perfume and Cologne. 6 Times you should never wear perfume or cologne, according to experts.


CAUTION: This is very funny but very fake. Ai meets special effects as Ron DeSantis remembers how he learned to eat pudding in amusingly disturbing deepfake (video)


Era of over-the-top weddings: Average cost in Canada is over $35,000. While grooms spend less on clothing and venues and cakes have seen a modest increase due to inflation, everything else has skyrocketed in price! Guests are now going into debt just to attend! And if you’re in the Wedding Party it’s almost expected!


Move over Robert DeNiro. 85-year-old man busted for shoplifting two packs of condoms from convenience store.


Going on an all inclusive trip? Caution: here are 5 common all-inclusive resort mistakes.

Why do airlines tell passengers to show up as much as 3 hours before a flight? 2 hours for domestic, and 3 hours for international flights. But why do we have to do this? The answer will surprise you.

Before you fly, please step on this scale sir. Air New Zealand Weighing International Passengers.

Next ride on an elevator remember these. A reddit user posed the question “what is something you shouldn’t say on an elevator” and people chimed in with some funny, bizarre, and truly WTF responses.


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