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Tims Donut Day Surprise-1 Food Kills “Virus”-Farts near GF or BF

Tims Donut Day Surprise-1 Food Kills “Virus”-Farts near GF or BF

Headlines June 1:

-Students fall nearly 20 feet at Fort Gibraltar in Wpg, 18 hospitalized from St. John’s-Ravenscourt after an elevated platform collapsed during a field trip Wed morning. Injuries were not life threatening.

-CancerCare MB recipient of historic $27 million dollar donation from the Paul Albrechtsen Foundation; the largest philanthropic donation given to a health care organization in MB.

-A 12yr old girl is dead after the utv she was riding rolled into a ditch in Neepawa earlier this month. RCMP attended Provincial Road 72 W May 1 where they found three girls with serious injuries, and the 12yr old was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and died a few days later.

-MB RCMP are investigating a fatal hit & run in Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Tue. RCMP found a dead man on Cemetery Road; and signs he had been hit by a vehicle.

-Brandon police chief set to retire in June. Wayne Balcaen served as chief for nearly 6 years.

-Brandon now accepting mosquito fogging buffer zone registrations. Buffer zone registrations must be renewed at start of every season.

From the department of “THINGS THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW YESTERDAY” or like 2 years ago: Ivermectin not so much, BUT, apparently there is a food that KILLS Covid with 99.9% accuracy. And anyone in Dauphin could have told you this. The answer is as close as a Manitoba garden.



HELLO TO our NEW SPONSORS! Tim Horton’s Westman! Rhonda Pardy joined the show and told us two fan-favourite Tim Hortons donuts – which haven’t been available in Tims restaurants for over 10 years – are making a triumphant return for a limited time to celebrate National Donut Day: the Walnut Crunch and Cherry Stick! Tim Hortons is bringing these two donuts back by popular demand just in time for YOU to celebrate National Donut Day on June 2.


Could this be the biggest burger in Manitoba? Carlo’s Cucina at Sandy Hook between Gimli and Winnipeg Beach has a Burger Pot for thier burger challenge at almost $300. The burger is a 7.5 lb Burger 2.5 lb Poutine and 2 Pops or Juice or water of your choice to make it happen and it has to be done in 37 minutes or less . As of today no winner……yet……we’re trying to get Carlo on the show. Stay tuned.

America’s national beer — could soon be Mexican? As sales drop with Bud Light it looks like a new beer may take over as popular choice for the first time in decades!


Taylor Swift Fans Are Wearing Adult Diapers To Her Concerts: Why would they get to the point where some would actually soil their own pants with excitement at the prospect of seeing their favorite artist live in concert – literally?


FACEBOOK TO PULL NEWS IF CA BILL BECOMES LAW-Both Facebook and Instagram will look very different later this year if a California law passes. A similar law is being looked at in Canada by the broadcast regulator known as the CRTC.


Hotel Shrinkflation – Watch Out For These Sneaky Moves as hotels cut back. You don’t want to miss out on that hotel breakfast!

COVID lockdowns ruined our perception of time, leading to more mental health issues. This is why my Grads this year don’t make sense. They should be in Grade 10 no?


One of the 2000’s favorite TV show’s is making a comeback. On Amazon Prime and thanks to a production from Australia. An Office remake is happening!


People Got Real About Whether or Not They Fart in Front of Their Partners. Because AskReddit users officially went on the record and admitted whether or not they FART in front of their partners. We talked about it too. And apparently the longer you’re with someone the most likely it is you’ll fart in front of them!


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