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Lotto Hack for 14 wins-$50K accidental deposit-VCR Day

Lotto Hack for 14 wins-$50K accidental deposit-VCR Day

Headlines June 7:

-The extreme heat in MB is expected to end soon. Environment Canada says daytime highs will start to moderate Thurs, followed by a normal weekend, but back to the 30’s next week.

-Wpg School Division asks schools & families to follow Workplace Health & Safety guidelines with the heat, including wearing loose clothes & drinking lots of water. Staff are monitoring for signs of heat stress & ensuring that everyone is taking precautions, including using fans, moving classes to cooler parts of the schools, & making sure people take breaks.

-It appears a GoFundMe page has been set up by the family of an Erickson woman who was allegedly violently attacked in her home. In 24 hours the page has raised almost $20 000. The community is waiting for information from RCMP after reports of a medical emergency requiring ambulance air service, and a large police presence in the town.

-4 fires out of control in MB. As of Tue, there were 14 active fires with crews focused on 3 fires near Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi, & St. Theresa Point. There have been 70 wildfires so far this year, below the average of 122 around this time.

-A house fire in 600 block of 21st street in Brandon Monday afternoon has left a 38-year-old man dead. Officials continue to investigate.

-A 7-11 store in west Wpg wants to serve more than Slurpees. The company has applied for a dining room liquor licence for its location on Ness Avenue at Sturgeon, as part of a plan to become a licensed eatery. | FREE Weekend as MB provincial parks will be free to visit from Fri through Sun, and you won’t need a license to fish during the same period. |

-2 police officers in hospital after crash shuts down stretch of Main Street in Winnipeg.

Our thoughts are with my home town of Erickson this morning, and at the time of posting this show update, still no details on this. However it appears something of significance requiring a large police presence has happened in Erickson. Will update when we know more.

GoFUND ME LINK can be found HERE: https://gofund.me/a939a823

Today is Wednesday June 7th! Today is Global Running Day, National Citizens Against Police Harassment Police Against Citizen Harassment Day, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, National Tailors’ Day, Trial Technology Day AND VCR DAY! What better way to celebrate than some great VCR videos from the past from Retro Winnipeg! Here’s some goddies. (visit RW’s youtube page for a huge assortment!)

HERE is Retro Winnipeg’s Youtube Channel:


Is this a Lotto “system” or a lotto “scheme”? How one guy’s plan helped him win the lottery 14 times. We have his secret.


It looks stupid but it actually will make movies INCREDIBLE! A Youtuber gets his hands on the apple headset and tells us a bit about it. Is impressive not perfect.

I love Cheeze-its. However getting to this filling station would be quite the drive!


What would YOU do if the bank accidentally gave you $50K. It happened to one woman. And she got to keep the money. But her advice is 100% solid in making sure you get to keep YOUR cash if it happens to YOU!



Replying to @FEMME NOIRE Your wish is my command💅🏽☕️

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Does size matter? Well, the average is important to note, but not obsess over. However this will make it easier, as the average SIZE is compared to household items. haha.


Mexican STREET CORN Pasta Salad for your next BBQ:


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