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Dating dealbreakers-13 yr old $63K App spree-Top 5 BBQ Sides

Dating dealbreakers-13 yr old $63K App spree-Top 5 BBQ Sides

Headlines June 8:

-MB RCMP make an arrest after a violent home invasion early Tues in Erickson, after police were called to a home just before 2 a.m., where they found a 30yr old woman with “significant” but non-life-threatening injuries. Police said an 18yr old male suspect, who wasn’t previously known to the victim, fled the scene after the incident, but was arrested Wed. The victim continues treatment and recovery in Wpg.

-Looming COVID-19 loan repayment deadline has some small businesses worried. The deadline to repay a federal government COVID-19 loan looming, some small businesses are at risk of closure – while others who later found out they don’t qualify want a chance to appeal. 88% of MB businesses who received the loan have yet to repay.

-Bank of Canada hikes interest rate again — and there may be more to come. The latest move increases from 4.5% to 4.75%, its highest level since 2001.

-NHL: Game 3 Vegas vs Florida tonight in FLA.

Sam Thompson’s FULL REPORT from Global News Winnipeg is below:

The GOFUNDME PAGE for the couple is well over the $20 000 goal now, as so many questions remain. Here’s the latest from the family:

GOFUNDMEPAGE Link is HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/f/candace-richardson

Sad news for fans of the actress made famous by Littlest House and 90210. Shannon Doherty shares her cancer has spread to her brain.


Are you kidding me right now? $300K earners in Vancouver need 38 years to save up for a home.


The Summer of 2023. The Summer of Mexican Street Corn and the Summer of “The Pickle”. Your favorite refrigerated pickles are being turned into drinks!


They closed an airport in NYC yesterday because you just couldn’t see! Smoke from wildfires affects travel: June 2023 travel alert.

Best Cookout Sides: Top 5 Barbecue side dishes most recommended by culinary experts.


YOU are grounded for…..like….10 years! 13-Year-old spends $63,000 US or almost $100K CAD of family’s savings on cell phone games!

Dating Dealbreakers-Women talk about how they’d react if they went home with a guy and he had a racecar bed. For guys this would be like going to a woman’s place and finding a giant Barbie or Princess bed. Reactions were rather interesting.




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