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Panthers Bombers-Bday Prank Call-Lobsterfest Fair Weekend

Panthers Bombers-Bday Prank Call-Lobsterfest Fair Weekend

Headlines June 9:

-Wednesday a severe storm has left a community picking up the pieces after softball size hail & damaging winds left a trail of destruction & debris at Oak River & Rivers. While a funnel cloud was reported there was no confirmation of a touch down.

-A new season of CFL kicks off tonight with Wpg hosting the Ti-Cats, followed by 3 more games this weekend. Wpg is favored to repeat as Grey Cup Champs.

-‘A long recovery ahead’ – Candace Richardson, attacked in her Erickson home earlier this week in a violent home invasion, may require as many as 5 surgeries in the coming weeks. ‘He probably thought she was dead’: Victim’s family describes.

-A 15yr old male arrested & charged with manslaughter this week following the death of a 29-year-old woman found inside her home on March 29. The male from Swan River allegedly knew the woman.

-Arrest after stabbing at popular restaurant. Police called to the Olive Garden at the corner of Reenders Drive & Lagimodiere to investigate a stabbing 7 p.m Thursday.

-Winnipeg Jets’ David Thomson listed as fourth richest sports franchise owner in the world at $52 billion.

-Westman Cricket Association opens a practice pitch at the J&G Homes Cricket Field with a grand opening for the project.

(Commentary on Erickson Media Coverage) Still nothing from CBC, CTV or anything more from RCMP. This stinks. Good Global/CJOB understands the seriousness of this. (UPDATE CTV finally tells the story Friday at 7am and buries it on the web. Nothing from the CBC.) Global News once again updates Manitobans on the story and did an interview on CJOB.

For $50 you can have this massive footlong. Comes with fries and perogy pieces on the hot dog. Giant 32-inch sandwich, giant dog, giant hat, giant man. Conquer this 32-inch hot dog yourself, available for purchase at Friday’s home opener! (photo courtesy of Wpg BB)

Florida wins! There WILL be a game 5 in Vegas next week after the Panthers WIN in OT!

I’m having corn dogs and LOBSTER this weekend! It’s Manitoba Summer Fair weekend in Brandon and LOBSTERFEST in Shilo Saturday! SOLD OUT for it’s first festival in 4 years!

MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR for NEXT weekend and the FIRST Day of Summer!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Perfect Gift! Happy Birthday Aaron Scheepbouwer your WIFE must LOVE YOU more than ANYTHING to give you such an amazing gift. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (ps. Show some LOVE to the one YOU Love HERE: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/tyler-glen-show)

Remember this next time you’re on FB Marketplace! A chair picked up for $50 on Facebook sells in Sotheby’s auction for $85,000


From letters to vacation pictures. People share 49 things that make them nostalgic for life before the internet.


But they always spell it wrong! The reason Starbucks writes your name on the cup.


Not jut for diabetics anymore! Ozempic may also help patients battling alcoholism, new study reveals.


Maybe this lady should have had an Ozempic pen. Just to help her avoid getting removed from a flight before it took off!

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