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Costco HotDogs-Vegas Shooting Foiled-Uncomfortable Moments

Costco HotDogs-Vegas Shooting Foiled-Uncomfortable Moments

Headlines June 15:

-MB Conservation office in Brandon will now have a new centralized dispatch centre for conservation officers based in Brandon.

-First responders in Brandon responded to a fire at a business Tuesday night at the 600 block of 9th contained to a small area on a set of outdoor stairs, causing minimal damage.

-14yr old suspect charged with 2nd degree murder in the stabbing at the Millenium Library in Wpg last year appeared in court Wed to enter a guilty plea.

-Man breaches parole, faces charges for impaired driving, gun possession, say Dauphin RCMP.

-Brandon’s Kinsmen Pool opens at 11 am today.

-Bell Media says the closure of 6 radio stations & cutting of 1,300 jobs in response to unfavourable public policy & regulatory conditions.

-New Angus Reid poll: election held tomorrow means MB would have a new government as NDP take a 5 point lead province-wide, boosted by double-digits in Wpg; 54% of the intended vote compared to 29% for the Tories.

-AB Premier posted on Twitter she has been suspended from FB, blaming “big tech and government censorship.” The premier’s office said in a statement they are waiting for clarification from Facebook about the ban.

-Money the biggest source of stress, according to a new survey from FP Canada’s 2023 Stress Index. 40% say it is their main source of stress, ahead of personal health, relationships and work, impacting their quality of life and sleep.

Las Vegas Metro police arrested a guy who threatened a mass shooting at the Stanley Cup Final hours before the Knights won the championship. Just before noon on Tuesday, police responded to a Las Vegas business for a report of a person, later identified as Matthew DeSavio, 33, was threatening a shooting at the Stanley Cup Final.

The media landscape continues to change. 1300 were “Let-go” by Bell Media yesterday in what many industry insiders are saying is just the start of a dramatic pullback of resources in the media industry.

Unintentionally hilarious newspaper headlines. Hard to believe these actually got published!

Kids can be creative and change their minds, and be brutally honest. This is all of the above, as parents get the funniest and most relatable kid’s party invitation ever!

Seek shelter when lightning strikes! A doorbell camera captured the moment a man was struck – by bolt of lightning. The man was painting lines on a soccer field during a storm when he was hit, and a police officer administered CPR saving his life.

And ANOTHER. This one hit the GROUND.


I can’t believe they’re that rude! Someone created an Instagram account calling out disgusting airline passengers.

I love Costco hot dogs. They’re cheap and tasty, but they’ve been the same taste and price since since 1985. Here’s how much Costco hot dogs would cost if it accounted for inflation.


What are the most uncomfortable feelings ever? Aside from a few awkward bathroom moments, some answered grief, illness, or texting ABOUT a person TO the person you’re talking ABOUT!


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