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My MP & UFOs-Kemnay Bridge Questions-Most Livable Cities

My MP & UFOs-Kemnay Bridge Questions-Most Livable Cities

Headlines June 26:

-Kemnay bridge claims another: A semi-truck driver failed to heed the many warning signs and demolished a trailer as a result. This accident took place around 7 p.m. Saturday.

-Shared Health & the MB Assoc of Health Care Professionals have tentatively agreed on a new contract for more than 6,000 health-care workers, averting a possible strike.

-The Brandon Clinic will no longer offer walk-in services as of July 4 because of a severe shortage of family physicians, according to the clinic’s COO. This follows a recent announcement of nurse layoffs due to the physician shortage.

-TWO EF1 TORNADOES CONFIRMED, including a 1.2KM wide tornado near Killarney. The Northern Tornadoes Project has confirmed two EF1 tornadoes in Southwestern Manitoba occurred on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. While no reported injuries, the storms caused significant damage to farm property.

-Larry McGuire, MP for Brandon Souris, appears to have written a letter to Canada’s Minister of Defence suggesting Canada has participated in a secret multi-nation program devoted to “the recovery and exploitation” of material from unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UFOs, citing meetings with unnamed “US officials.” It appears the MP is suggesting Defence R&D Canada “is in possession of recovered material.”

-A 9-year-old Winnipeg boy is in stable condition after being mauled by a coyote in North Kildonan Saturday evening.

-Today in Brandon is Graduation Day for Vincent Massey HS. Happy Grad Day Class of 2023!

(Erickson Rec Centre FB-Sunday June 27)

Erickson fundraising breakfast Sunday was a big sucess, less than three weeks after a violent home invasion in the town. Hundreds came out to the Erickson Rec Centre for a pancake breakfast fundraiser for Candace Richardson, who was violently attacked while sleeping in the basement of her home on June 6. Now back in Erickson after a stay in Winnipeg hospital, she and her fiancé, Scott McMunn, were overwhelmed by the community support and told the Brandon Sun: “It really shows how close a community like Erickson is, when something goes wrong or something like this happens. It’s a little overwhelming but it’s amazing.”

(Erickson Rec Centre FB-Sunday June 27)

Have the UFO’s Landed? Does Larry know something we don’t? Our very own MP Larry McGuire is making International Headlines with a letter allegedly written by the politician to the Minister of Defence, regarding the release of information involving UFO’s. If you have any interest in any inter-galactic extra terrestrial stuff, this is beyond interesting. And the fact that there’s a call to end the secrecy surrounding the recent project makes this even more interesting.

Here’s a link to the CBC version of the story complete with a link to Twitter and the alleged letter involved.


Wasn’t that a party!?!?! Great turnout for a great night. Hopefully an annual event, as Brandon’s 1st ever Summer Solstice downtown street part went Friday on Princess Avenue. Bernice reported that the food and drinks and games were GREAT and a good time had by all!

(Bernice Kennedy FB)

Canada’s 3 most livable cities. Really? Two are the most expensive. Canada claims the most Top 10 livable cities in the world.

You may be into golf, but mini golf is more my style. And Tiger Woods has designed some newly opened mini golf courses called Pop Stroke. Take a tour!

Caught on TWITCH Stream! Twitch streamer FransizSerdaR films himself being an Uber/Lyft/Taxi driver, but a few nights ago he caught a crime on camera. And while he didn’t do anything to stop the purse snatching caught on camera, we’re hoping police could make an arrest based on the footage of the car.


Pop in Pancakes. After a successful pancake breakfast in Erickson, we’re inspired to make some “hot cakes of our own” and am sharing the Viral McDonald’s Hotcakes copycat that features Sprite!


so easy you can download it to your brain instead of your camera roll 😉

♬ original sound – Raphael Gomes

What Robin Williams movie was your favorite? Hard to believe we live in a world without the amazing Robin Williams. But today we shared the survey that asked fans “what Robin Movie you loved most.” Here’s the best Robin Williams movies: Top 5 ranked according to fans:


Who is your favorite Disney princess? A recent poll asked Americans about Disney princesses, including their thoughts on the 2023 live-action version of “The Little Mermaid,” diversity in Disney characters, and favorite Disney princesses. Amazing how favorite differ with the generations, but you can see how different movies talked to different age groups over the years.


Sunseeker TASHA is 40 Today so we helped her celebrate with CAKES. More specifically, cake wrecks! haha. These are funny however they do look tasty.


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