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Biggest Pizza in USA-Naked Parade-Red Lobster News-BINGO

Biggest Pizza in USA-Naked Parade-Red Lobster News-BINGO

Headlines June 27:

-Severe thunderstorm warnings end for areas in SW MB, including the city of Brandon; under warnings for much of Monday night. Env Canada issued thunderstorm and tornado warnings for parts of Westman; pockets of south-central MB, from 6:30 p.m. until shortly before 10:30.

-Former Brandon police chief Wayne Balcaen seeking PC nomination in Brandon West.

-The debate over inappropriate library books continues at the Brandon School Division, with Monday’s board meeting discussing the topic; trustee conduct during May 23 meeting at Massey.

-MB Health has declared a whooping cough outbreak in the Southern Health-Sante Sud. Since January, 154 confirmed or probable cases were reported, most of which, 134 cases from infants to 19-year-olds.

-‘We will navigate this together:’ Funerals begin for seniors killed in bus crash.

-BPS continuing to investigate a stabbing that occurred Monday morning after a 29 yr old man arrived injured to the Brandon Friendship Centre. Police say that a 36-year-old man is in custody in connection with the stabbing and charges are pending.

-Oilers captain Connor McDavid gets engaged to longtime girlfriend Lauren Kyle; dominates NHL awards.

-HAPPY GRAD DAY! Congrats Class of 2023! Here’s a pic from Massey’s Grad yesterday:

(Dean Stewart: Howlin The Night Away FB)

CAUTION: NAKED PEOPLE AT PRIDE. Bud Light it getting more backlash after fans of the beer complained it sponsored a parade that featured naked men walking as part of a “nudist group” in the Toronto Pride parade. Here’s a link to the story containing censored video of the parade so you can judge for yourself if it’s appropriate content for kids. Tik-tok removed part of my show when I showed this censored version for a violation of it’s community standards. So obviously there are some that have issue with it.


HAPPY BINGO DAY! While many Sun Seekers have played over the years, few have one. However one SS in chat said her MOM won $80K in BINGO! There is money to be won. But there are rules too.

How does your garden look? Here are some of the most bizarre things seen in people’s gardens and yards, as shared on Instagram.


Too much pink for me, but could be an amazing Air BnB for someone who loves Barbie! Barbie’s Malibu Dream House will soon be available to rent on Airbnb.


Like your pizza HUGE? Well here’s where you can order the biggest pizzas in the US.


CONFIRMED AT US LOCATIONS. Will Canada be next? Red Lobster Adds Ultimate Endless Shrimp To Its Permanent Menu.


Passport Picture. Why Can’t You Smile On Your Passport Photo?

$54,000 worth of debt. Everything is so expensive, most people are simply living on credit right now. What would you do to be completely debt-free?


Bad start to YOUR day. Can’t be as bad as this guy. A major league baseball player smashes a $12,000 lens at 104mph.

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