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Canada Day Party Plan-Best Food & Drink & Movie & TV & Music

Canada Day Party Plan-Best Food & Drink & Movie & TV & Music

Headlines June 30:

-Dauphin’s Countryfest to pay to tribute to victims of bus crash. A moment of silence was held last night, and a larger acknowledgement will be part of the mainstage opening tonight.

-Google to remove news links in Canada in response to online news law; Liberal government’s Online News Act, which became law last week.

-One of the world’s most common artificial sweeteners is set to be declared a possible carcinogen next month by a leading global health body. Aspartame, used in products from diet sodas to chewing gum will be listed in July as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

-Wpg police are asking for the public’s help in finding a 12yr old girl missing for 2 days. Described as 5 foot 9 with a thin build, medium-length red hair, and brown eyes, last seen wearing black pants, a crop top & white Nike runners.

-‘Police are supposed to protect us’: Family says Wpg police told them alleged break-in was just “a mistake”. “You don’t want to encourage vigilantism criminologist says. | Man found not guilty in crash that killed 2 girls on MB highway in Aug 2019.

-MB Hydro workers may soon go on strike as early as today if a deal is not reached in ongoing contract negotiations.

-MB’s Highway Traffic Act Bill 46 come into force July 1, which creates new offences for driving on a CLOSED road. $298 for driving a light vehicle (such as a car, SUV or pick-up truck) and $672 for driving a heavy vehicle on a closed road.


Friday’s Show was about throwing the ULTIMATE CANADA DAY PARTY! We pretended we had an American friend join us for the weekend, and they had never been to Canada before. So we spent the show talking about all the great things we would have to include in our “Ultimate Canadian Party” for our friend new to the “Great White North”. We would vote on Food, drink, desert and even what TV show we could watch and music we would listen to. On this page we list all the results from the compliation of all the votes and all the great things of Canada, refined to a simple handful. Here’s the results:

MUSIC! With so much great music in Canada we decided on three acts that would play during our Canada Day Party. Shania, Bryan and the band Nickelback.

TV-Next up was TV, and while shows like “The Beach Combers” and “The Littlest Hobo” were popular among the Sun Seekers, we settled on “Schitts Creek” as the show that took the traditions of SCTV and modernized the comedy for today’s audience.

BIG SCREEN-Two made in Manitoba Movies were the movie choices for our guest. “A Dog’s Purpose” was filmed entirely in Manitoba while “GOON” was mostly flimed in the province. While Dog’s Purpose was the better movie according to Sun Seekers, the hockey fighting movie provided more insight into the crazy hockey culture so many Canadians live for up here, so Goon was the movie choice.

COCKTAILS-Overwhelming vote for the Caesar. Invented and LOVED in Canada. With Pickle Juice please.

MAIN DISH-Another Overwhelming vote. Very easy to pick poutine, although Sun Seekers said it had to have bacon and the poutine made with HOME MADE Fries.


DESERT-It was a war between Nanaimo Bars and Butter tarts, but the BC treat squeaked out the win.

TREAT BAG for the after party: A goodie bag to take home would include Ketchup Chips, some Tim Horton’s Coffee, a Kinder Surprise, some Smarties and a Coffee Crisp all made it into the goodie bag to take home after our Canada Day Party!


Canada is about to go dark this Fall when it comes to information. GOOGLE to remove news in Canada over law on paying publishers.


We suspected it all along, but now we know it’s probably true. Aspratame it appears, is very bad for you. The World Health Organization has found aspartame a carcinogen after all, sources claim.


Glad she’s ok. Will the tour go on? Madonna Released From Hospital After Battle With Bacterial Infection.


Social Billionaire FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg Contacted by Italy to Fight at Colosseum.


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