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Canada day Tornado-Dropped Phone in Outhouse-Twitter Fail

Canada day Tornado-Dropped Phone in Outhouse-Twitter Fail

Headlines July 3:

-Dauphin’s Countryfest focused on community, making memories in wake of bus tragedy. Festival held moment of silence for bus crash victims, raised funds for survivors, victims’ families.

-A 2nd child attacked by coyote in North Kildonan; MB Natural Resources & Northern Development says a 4yr old was attacked in the Headmaster Row area June 30.

-More than 2300 MB Hydro workers are taking strike action as negotiations for a new deal continue to hit a snag. Emergency work such as no power calls, pole fires, wire down, and essential calls will continue, however work on streetlights, meter exchanges, residential inspections, and service extensions will be suspended.

-A tornado team has swept into MB as part of national effort to boost safety, grow understanding of twisters. Ontario-headquartered Northern Tornadoes Project collaborates with crews in other provinces to track tornadoes.

-Brandon’s old Chicken Delight downtown is now a Bong Bong Chef Buffett, at 1113 Rosser, open 7 days a week for dine in, takeout, delivery.

-One Time Grocery Rebate payment coming to Canadians this week, with $467 for eligible couples with two children, $234 for single Canadians without kids, and $225 for seniors, on average. The rebate will go to 11 million Canadians whose household income is $38,000 or less, and individuals who make $32,000 or less.

-CFL: Visiting Blue Bombers storm past Alouettes 17-3.


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ALBERTA TORNADO. A terrible storm hit just north of Calgary this Canada Day long weekend. A storm chaser was on scene to capture this shockingly powerful display. A massive tornado ripped through rural Alberta, Canada on Canada Day damaging multiple homes. While no serious injuries were reported there is extensive damage and death to livestock. Some buildings were completely destroyed.

How Canadian is THIS? A beaver celebrated Canada Day by posing with a flag, almost perfectly. Then he was caught stealing the Canadian flag.


KITCHEN HACK: Frozen chicken breasts can be a pain to deal with, but this TikTok hack has to be the worst way to handle it.

Not a great start of Dr. Jones. Indiana Jones stumbled out of the gate at the box office this weekend.


The All Purpose Everything Sauce. It’s a commercial generated by AI that feels like a bad LSD trip . Careful. It’s scary and random. But then Ai tackles the Dylan Mulvaney ad with Joe Biden super-imposed with voice substitute. Original script but done by Joe. That version of an Ai commercial appears much more realistic and far less random than the sauce nightmare.


Did Elon finally break Twitter? Twitter tells users to touch grass, adds new rule limiting how many tweets you can read per day.


Tipping in 2023. Would you rather have higher restaurant prices and NO tipping or keep things the same. It looks like some restaurants want to get rid of tipping.



Replying to @chriswright1964 What do you think? Would you pay 30% more for your food but no tips? #business #skit #resturant #serverlife

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