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No more Expiry on Food-New Meta App-Thumbs Up a Contract

No more Expiry on Food-New Meta App-Thumbs Up a Contract

Headlines July 6:

-Mixed reaction in MB as federal grocery rebate leaves some struggling with rising costs. Manitobans say they need something more consistent.

-Committee on agriculture and agri-food study on rising food prices recommends exploring the impact of ending best-before dates.

-Canadians are choosing to spend less on summer travel or not travel at all over financial concerns: Nanos.  38% will spend less on summer travel, 57% say they have no interest in travelling internationally this year.

-4 people face firearms and drug charges after police obtained a search warrant for a 10th St home July 1. A 20-year-old woman, a 22-year-old woman, a 20-year-old man and a 40-year-old man were arrested and more than $1,000 in cash, cocaine and fentanyl seized. Days later, a 34-year-old man was also arrested in connection to the search.

-Folk Fest opens for 2023 edition of MB tradition.

-Calgary woman swindled out of $500K in online dating scam. Legal expert says people need to stop blaming the victim in cases like this.

-Today is FREE FRY DAY in Brandon. A chance to get some free fries and help a good cause.

(Tracy Barker FB)

BIG BURGER ALERT! Thank you Tracy Barker, who recently shared news about a new MONSTER Burger in the area! “Absolutely delicious burger called the Dirty 30 at Corinna’s on Main located in Dauphin, Manitoba. 10 out of 10 for taste and well worth the money. Very friendly and attentive staff. Highly recommend.” says Tracy. We will check that out indeed and looks amazing!

Food bad? Your nose knows. Expiry Dates on Food to be “no more?” It used to be we would look a the best before date and toss something in the firdge that’s past due. That may not happen anymore if the government adopts a plan that might “do away” with those best before dates, in an effort to keep food costs down.

Meta Takes Aim At Twitter With Threads App, Millions Join. I joined and have 10 followers. Yahoooooooo. Others who joined include Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, as well as prominent politicians such as Democratic US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What a group.


Can an teacher or EA have a side hustle online? We’re not talking Etsy here tho. This is onlyFans and apparently the answer is NO.

(Ava James Instagram)


Careful with what you text! Anything in writing can be considered LEGAL. Even this: A thumbs up emoji 👍. It cost one SK farmer almost $100K!


Do you drink? How do you compare to other Canadians, and where does Canada rank among world’s biggest drinkers?


Flying Cars are HERE! The Flying car prototype has been approved by the FAA. But will it be approved by CAA? Kidding. (can you boost my flying car please. haha).


Cash or credit, how do you tip? Most do it credit or on the debit card, but one DoorDash customer left a $10 Cash tip under a doormat tor the driver, but he didn’t take it — “Now I Feel Bad”. Ugh.


REPORT: Madonna ‘Had to Be Brought Back From The Dead. Madonna was apparently revived by a Narcan injection, and while that is thought of as a remedy to an OD, it is also used to treat extreme cases of septic shock.


What kind of “Mouth noises can YOU Make?” Teacher Devon Bowker routinely performs this uncanny Keurig impression for his student and now he’s a star on TikTok.


This robot sorts laundry, picks up after kids and will get dirty socks and underwear off the floor! Meet the robot housekeeper that separates laundry and does your recycling!


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