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PRIME Drink Investigation-Funny Hot Sauces-Hotel Key Secret

PRIME Drink Investigation-Funny Hot Sauces-Hotel Key Secret

Headlines July 10:

-24-year-old man sent to hospital after “Folk Fest camp stove incident”. STARS helicopter dispatched after incident involving ‘lighting a propane barbeque’.

-Premiers meet in Wpg to discuss affordability, housing, health care. Atlantic Canada concerned about federal clean fuel regs.

-The Park Community Centre board hosted a free family barbecue in downtown Brandon Sunday afternoon to help celebrate the $100,000 in funding they received from Heritage Co-op last month.

-City of Wpg has given protesters at the Brady Road Landfill until noon on today to remove a blockade demanding the search for the remains of two women in another landfill.

-The Rocket Man is retiring from the road. Elton John performed his last show on his final tour Saturday night Stockholm, Sweden.

-Annual BIRT Cup Fundraising golf tournament raised $84 000 at it’s latest edition July 7th. Proceeds go towards Bobcat student-athletes; Baldur Baseball, Carberry Baseball, CNIB, Melita Golf Course, Westman Youth Football, and Westman VOLT Hockey.

-Cool July continues. Mostly sun this week but temps below normal in low 20’s.

Health Canada may soon restrict PRIME from entering Canada. This could come after one US Senator is asking the FDA to open an investigation into the popular drink and the agency as agreed to look into the caffeine content in some of it’s offerings. Here’s the latest.


Self Check-outs are now causing head aches for RETAIL in addition to customers that don’t like them. So much so, the Retail Council of Canada reveals shoplifting is on the rise at such a rapid pace, some major retailers have adopted random receipt checks in selected stores. But this had produced even MORE backlash from shoppers, who say they shouldn’t have to pay the price for self-checkout theft.


THINGS that ANNOY YOU! You get the Monday morning power to BAN! Today we talk about what you would ban if you had the power!

Spicy sauce with even spicier names! Appropriately Hilarious Hot Sauce Names. (Cindy found this one in Bottineau).

Remember THIS next time you stay in a hotel. Take the plastic key card with you when you check out! We have the personal Info stored on your hotel key card, and why this might be concerning to some.

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