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7-11 Jewelry-We are $200 from Broke-Phones the new “Cigs”

7-11 Jewelry-We are $200 from Broke-Phones the new “Cigs”

Headlines July 11:

-Protesters at Brady landfill say they won’t budge even if police show up to remove them. The city issued an order to vacate Friday hoping to restore access to the landfill Monday.

-Man steals ambulance in Thompson, hits minivan and tree: RCMP.

-Wpg homicide investigators looking into the death of a 64-year-old man at a suite on Langside Street.

-More than half of Canadians say they are $200 away or less from not being able to pay bills at the end of the month, according to a report from MNP, as higher interest rates and a rising cost of living stretches budgets. Another survey conducted by Leger says almost half of young Canadians (49 per cent) between 18-34 are the most stressed about money, while 46 per cent of have encountered mental health challenges as a result.

CONGRATS to the crew at the IG Wealth Management Bobcat BIRT Cup! The alumni/charity event raised a record $84,000 on Friday, July 7 at Wheat City Golf Course. The proceeds go towards Bobcat student-athletes; Baldur Baseball Association (diamond upgrades); Carberry Royals Baseball Team (diamond upgrades); CNIB (guide dogs for the blind or partially sighted); Melita Golf Course (course upgrades); Westman Youth Football Association (Boyd Stadium upgrades) and Westman VOLT Hockey (assisting youth with disabilities). This summer’s charity best-ball spectacle featured a double shotgun start with a whopping 284 golfers taking part.

HAPPY 7-11 DAY. It is 7/11 so it make sense for the convenience store company to celebrate with free Slurpee’s. But what about jewelry? Apparently luxury 7-Eleven jewelry is now a thing, meaning you can now drink your Slurpee, and wear it too.


Barrie, Ont. is the safest city in Canada, followed by Brantford, Ont. Safest city rankings were done by Rentola and included the number of citizens per police officer, the amount of violent and non-violent crimes and the crime-solving rate — on a scale of one to 10. Guelph ranked third as the safest city in Canada with an overall safety index of 6.84, and Toronto with a 6.63 safety index came in fourth. While British Columbia is Canada’s least affordable province, Winnipeg received the lowest safety index among the 34 cities analyzed in the study, scoring 4.59.


Inappropriate license plates. Does this seem offensive to you? Took me a while to figure out what it meant.


CONCERTS are a GO for Madonna, but the tour dates will look different. Madonna breaks her silence after Hospital visit, and re-works her world tour, affecting concert dates.


Another July morning with single digit temps and worries of FROST. And while things are FROSTY in Manitoba, Canada sees its farthest-north 100-degrees since records kept!


Seniors deals! More sleep! No kids! What Do You Love More as You Get Older? Here’s What People Said.

BUD LIGHT Plummets To 14th Place Among Beers. AB is pleading for consumers to return. The company is asking consumers to thinkd of the 65,000 Employees impacted by boycotts associated with Bud Light, once beloved among the US’s favorite beers.


People on vacation can get WEIRD! The strangest things seen at sea working onboard a cruise ship!

BUTTER CHICKEN meets BURGER! This is going to be fun and interesting! Burger King Debuts a new crispy butter chicken sandwich and butter chicken poutine in Canada.

Another Airplane Emergency Exit Opened! Some guy opened the exit and escaped across an airport tarmac in a desperate did to avoid arrest at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Sunday.

It’s official. Our phones are the new “cigarettes”. Social media over sex? The shocking sacrifices we’re willing to make to stay online.


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