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“Hidden City” Airfare-Disney for 70 bucks-Weird BK burger

“Hidden City” Airfare-Disney for 70 bucks-Weird BK burger

Headlines July 12:

-Bank of Canada hikes interest rate to 5%, the highest rate in 22 years. This on the heels of a new report that says most Canadians could not come up with $200 for an unexpected emergency expense.

-Two people injured in the Carberry bus crash have been discharged from hospital. Shared Health says 7 patients remain in hospital, 1 in critical care.

-City of Wpg is asking for a court injunction to end the blockade at Brady landfill & to authorize the arrest & removal of anyone contravening the order.

-Stanley Cup comes to the Keystone Centre with Vegas GM Kelly McCrimmon July 21 9am to 1pm, MB Room. Brett Howden then takes it to Oak Bank for a parade July 23.

-Kiwanis Pool marked for demolition, 4yrs after last opened. Tender is out to remove the pool near 13th & Southern Ave.

-MB spending $201M on highways. Hwy 10 one of several getting “major improvements” as part of a $201.4M announcement. | 19-year-old woman from Lorette is dead after a highway rollover near New Bothwell.

-New grants will help MB child-care facilities create room for up to 450 more kids. Centres could get $30K per space up to $2M in capital grant funding per project.

-Wpg not just the Slurpee capital of the world, but the city has agreed to designate a street, ‘Slurpee Way’, on Rouge Road between Portage Ave and Byrd Ave, the city has announced. According to 7-11 Canada, the store at Rouge Road and Portage has the most Slurpee activity in MB.

-Another TRUCK Stuck under the KEMNAY BRIDGE. This one getting caught late Monday night, under now the most famous bridge in Western Manitoba.

DISNEYWORLD direct flights will soon be available from Minot to Florida, and one way prices start at $70 USD! GREAT news for MB Sun Seekers!

One of the Manson Killers is out of Jail. Sharon Tate’s Sister Worries Manson Family’s Leslie Van Houten Will Kill Again.


HIDDEN CITY AIRLINE AIRFARES. They’re cheaper and they’re against the terms of service of your favorite airline. Recently American Airlines interrogated a Teenager In “Security Room” for a suspicious ticket, then banned him! So what is a “Hidden City Airfare?”

CHICKEN SANDWICHES RULE! The Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches Of All Time, According To Mashed Staff. Chicken sandwiches are some of the most loved menu items and at Mashed, they ranked the best in the USA. How many have you tried?


Burger King’s new cheeseburger is just 20 slices of American cheese, no meat. But you have to go to Thailand for the “Real Cheeseburger” which consists of a bun with 20 slices of American cheese, no meat for $3.


POSITIVE ZONE! People Share Stories About the Nicest Things Strangers Ever Did for Them.

Is it ok to Stalk celebrity private jets? Banned from Twitter, the accounts tracking the private jet travel of the wealthy, including Elon Musk, moves over to Threads.


Pac-Man. Frogger, and even Space Invaders. After 40 years of video games, who made the Top 5 nostalgic games, according to experts?


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