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Costco Envy-Coyote In the House-Pink Barbie Burgers

Costco Envy-Coyote In the House-Pink Barbie Burgers

Headlines July 14:

-Media Panic as Newspapers, Radio, TV and online news platforms scramble this morning and META pulls the plug in Canada. This in reaction to Bill C-18 “the online news act” becoming law.

-A war of words between Premier Heather Stefanson and Federal Crown-Indigenous Minister Marc Miller. After Miller called the provincial government’s decision to not search a MB landfill “heartless”, Stefanson fired back in a statement that read in part; “When sensitivity are required, he has chosen to inflame, distort & politicize this awful tragedy.” Meantime a Judge has adjourned landfill blockade injunction hearing, wants City and protesters to negotiate.

-Westman’s Terry Burgess will be the new dean of the School of Business at Assiniboine Community College starting in October after a lengthy career with RBC.

-Former Winnipeg high school football coach pleads guilty to 11 sex abuse charges.

-‘They can quickly get dangerous’: Coyote pup walks into Wpg woman’s home. Says she will “never let pets go outside again”.

-The ongoing writers’ strike in the US, now mixed with an actors union joining the fold, could lead to some problems in MB’s film industry. While the strikes impact bigger projects, local content will be largely unaffected.


12-1 TIMS on the #1 HIGHWAY

1-2 TIMS on 1st STREET

2-3 TIMS on 18th STREET

Another Wild animal sighting in Winnipeg. This time it was in someone’s HOME! After multiple report of children coming into contact with animals, this is too close for comfort!


Costco Jealousy. Apparently there are food items at Costcos in Canada that you cannot get in the USA. Nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. One traveler took it upon themselves to document the food and meals in a Tik-Tok video. Nice to know these may be exclusive to the “Great White North”.


One of my goals is to visit all the @costco around the world! Got to check off our bucket list for #canada ! #vancouver #costco #costcofinds

♬ Nuthin’ but a G Thang – Dr. Dre

What movie is this? “He was a simple guy who just felt like running. Then he ended up running into the middle of all kinds of historical events.” It’s just one of movies explained badly.


Still with movies, this could be a surprise hit for the Summer. But it’s not a feel good movie. In fact, quite the opposite. Apparently Disney owned the rights to this film with no plan to release it. Angel studios bought the rights, took it to Amazon, got turned down. Took it to Netflix, got turned down. Decided to pre-sell tickets and was able to get it in 2600 theaters and beat out Disney’s Indiana Jones on July 4th. The film is based on a true story. Heavy subject matter tho.

COST OF LIVING getting to much for some people. Let’s remember to be kind to each other as many struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Here’s the story of a working professional who is actually living in a van because rent is too high.

Have you ever bought yourself a Birthday gift, big or small? This woman is almost 100 and she gifted herself a tractor for 97th birthday in hopes of cultivating new relationship with local farmers’ market . Great story of you’re never too old to do something you’ve always wanted to.


Fun Morning discussion. Some things are simply worth spending money on; a pillow that doesn’t break your neck every night, comfortable shoes, or a really good bra. But while splurging might not be the right way to go about everything, most of us likely have things we consider worthy of a higher investment. What are some things YOU splurge on because it’s just “worth it”?


So much Pink!!! This new Barbie movie is easily the most anticipated of the Summer. And Barbie has debuted John Cena’s Blonde-Haired Mermaid look and the internet is going wild. SEE HIM IN THE LINK BELOW:


Still with the Barbie movie, move over CHEESE filled burger less cheeseburger from Burger King. Burger King Brazil released its BK Barbie Combo featuring a pink burger, fries, and a pink shake in advance of the movie.


Cool for us this weekend but HOT in Arizona, Nevada and SPAIN. How would you like +60?


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