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Sour Candy Day-$200K Old iPhone-Threads Sliding

Sour Candy Day-$200K Old iPhone-Threads Sliding

Headlines July 18:

-Unprecedented problem in Canada. Inflation is coming under control, but food is running “out of control”. Stats Can says Canada’s inflation rate tumbled to 2.8% per cent in June, putting it within the Bank of Canada’s target for the first time in over 2 years. But Canadians continue to pay substantially higher prices for groceries, ring 9.1% year-over-year, slightly faster than in May.

-Cool July confirmed. Env Canada says temperatures for July have been below average, and in the case of MB, July appears to be producing more cooler days than June; a trend that could change this weekend.

-A cool dry Summer means fewer mosquitoes. On Monday, Wpg reported an average of 2 mosquitoes per trap – down from an average of 15 last year.

-Tension between local religious and LGBTQ+ groups at Brandon City Council Monday with a discussion surrounding the establishment of a permanent rainbow display in the city. | Municipalities get $13.7M raise police funding from the province with more than $2M earmarked for Brandon.

-Claims that a safe landfill search isn’t possible ‘aren’t necessarily based in fact’: committee chair. Grand chief urges premier to change stance.

-Good Samaritan buys $1,200 bike for man who was robbed in Winnipeg. Ontario Man foots bill.

-Gimli to mark 40 years since the community’s racing strip was the site of an emergency landing, when an Air Canada Boeing 767 destined for Edmonton ran out of fuel over MB but made a safe landing.

It’s Sour Candy Day! The American Licorice Company, the makers of Sour Punch brand sour candy, created the day “to celebrate all the tasty varieties of sour candies and to encourage everyone to give them a try.” Sour Patch Kids and Warheads, helped to skyrocket a sour candy craze back in 1993. But BEWARE. Eating too much can hurt your mouth and even wear away your tongue! (But you already knew that.)

Restaurant Of The Future – Are Augmented Reality (AR) Menus coming soon or “still science fiction”? The idea behind the AR menu is that diners don’t just read about the menu, but also see it come to life visually on their tables before they place their orders. I wish they could just create your food this fast!

Should airlines honor airfares advertised on a third party website? Even if THEY are the ones responsible for the contract with THAT website? Disappointed Western Canadian travellers discover bitter truth about airfares that seemed too good to be true.


WOW. This is one huge charcuterie board. Easier to say what is NOT on it than what IS on it. Made by charcuterievancouver, here’s a video of the board being made and a link to follow them on Instagram.


TIM HORTON’S CAMP DAY IS WEDNESDAY! Join me at the #1 location Noon-1pm, then 1st Street from 1-2 pm and 18th street from 2-3pm and stop by and say hi. Let’s take a selfie together and you could win a LIMITED EDITION TGS MUG! Don’t forget FREE SAMPLES 1:30-2:30 Wednesday!

Miranda Lambert Stops Show To Blast Selfie Taker: ‘Pissing Me Off’. The country star stopped a Vegas show to blast a group taking too many selfies. Are people just taking too many pics and videos at concerts, wrecking the experience for others?

Hollywood Power Couple Sofía Vergara And Joe Manganiello Announce Divorce. She was too good for him anyway. I’ll be a shoulder to cry on.


Can’t get to your favorite BIG BURGER stop? In a hurry? Fast food the only real option in a hurry but want a MASSIVE over the top burger? Here are the top Fast-Food Chains That serve the most over-the-top burgers. BEWARE you WILL GET HUNGRY READING THIS!


Careful. Eggs in the microwave are tricky, but you can totally make the best version of scrambled quickly. Experts say it’s totally possible to cook scrambled eggs in the microwave if you proceed with caution.


Best Soap Opera Couples Of All Time: Top 5 Lovers, According To Fans. They made you laugh and mae you cry and made you sctratch your head at the plot lines. Here’s the top five if you’re a fan of this “junk food” version of television.


Is this a salad or a dip? Cowboy Caviar is made with beans, veggies, and a tangy homemade dressing! But careful if you’re not a fan of cilantro. But if you love the Mexican green herb, this flavorful dip or side dish is loaded with beans, sweet corn, sweet and spicy peppers, and onion! Perfect for this “Caviar Day”.


Amazing Ai creation done right?! The first major fashion magazine has used a cover image made entirely from artificial intelligence (AI), with not a camera, stylist, make-up artist, designer or art director in sight. And it allegedly took just 20 minutes to create.


Glamour Bulgaria cover model uses AI to create Barbie-inspired photoshoot

♬ original sound – New York Post | News

Threads users falling away in large numbers, data suggests. Threads may have had the best start of any app to date with 100 million downloads in the first five days after launch earlier this month, but new data suggests Elon maybe didn’t have that much to worry about after all?


Got an old iPhone in the Junk drawer? This original iPhone just sold for an eye-watering $190,373. An original, 15-year-old iPhone just sold at auction for $190,372.80, the highest sum for an original iPhone so far. The previous record was $63,356.40 .


IN-N-OUT bans employees from wearing masks. America’s ultimate burger join told employees in five states that they will no longer be allowed to wear medical masks unless they have a note from their doctor, according to a company memo leaked on Twitter earlier this month.


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