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Tattoo Regrets-Camp Day Hot Dog Day-Buy a Dutton Ranch

Tattoo Regrets-Camp Day Hot Dog Day-Buy a Dutton Ranch

Headlines July 19:

-Wpg police remove blockade at the Brady landfill , as protesters set up new camp at human rights museum.

-A new bylaw in Brandon raises property upkeep standards; adds new definitions for ticketed offences including loitering, panhandling & graffiti. Law was passed by council Monday.

-A public engagement opportunity is coming for the plight of Brandon’s Sportsplex, after director of recreation provided an overview & timeline for dealing with ice plant.

-Ottawa & MB providing up to $1M to support Ag training & resource development, with eligible organizations receiving up to $25K.

-Judge acquits 2 MB men convicted in 1973 killing in Wpg. Brian Anderson & Allan Woodhouse proclaimed their innocence for 5 decades.

-1 inmate dies, 7 injured after fight at Stony Mountain. ‘Deadly riot’ another example of violence fueled by drugs creating unsafe environment for officers.

-‘I’m done with Canada’: High cost of living leads some to leave as some new Canadians say there is a “difference between surviving & living” and “Canada is no longer the ‘end goal’ of their journey.

It’s Tim Horton’s Camp Day! A day where Tim Horton’s purchases help to connect underserved youth with empowering experiences across Canada. The camps are designed to empower young people to believe in their own potential and help them to participate in leadership development programs. Purchases of coffee, camp day bracelets and Tim Horton’s baked goods all help support the cause. Look for prizes and free samples all day all over Westman! Stop by and say “hi”. I’m at the #1 location 12-1 today, then the 1st Street location 1-2 and 18th from 2-3pm! Let’s send kids to Camp! (thanks for coming on the show today Rhonda!)

It’s also National Hot Dog Day! The food gained in popularity in North America in the early twentieth century, and are similar to frankfurters and wieners, which take their names from Frankfurt, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. In the United States and Canada hot dogs were traditionally sold at hot dog stands and carts and were prominent in New York City and Montreal. They have become a prominent part of American culture, and have been closely associated with baseball. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile have also become cultural icons. Happy Hot Dog Day!

Wish I didn’t DO THIS! Jelly Roll will play the ND State Fair this weekend but admits he REGRETS the majority of the tattoos on him!!?!?!?! Is this a common things among those with ink?


If you go to see him in Minot, he may look a bit different. Here’s why:


PRIZE DRAW THURSDAY MORNING! 🚨Contest Alert🚨”Car & SELF-CARE”. Show us how you enjoy Summer & WIN an oil service & Summer Car Care Pack from Murray’s! Post sitting on the patio, in the pool, fishing, camping, whatever you do to kick back for you! Go to FACEBOOK and look for THIS logo and POST YOUR PICK QUICK! Winner announced Thurs July 20th!

UNSOLVED Murder closer to being solved? The Tupac Shakur murder investigation leads Las Vegas police to search a home in the area. Are arrests coming? Will the mystery finally be solved once and for all?


Won’t be a problem for my DIzy. This Tiktoker goes viral with her PSA to people with “Beware Of Dog” signs. What do you think of her recommendation?


Dutton ranch anyone? It isn’t the ACTUAL ranch but you could be a nieghbor to the Dutton’s for a cool $40 Million. If you ever wanted to live like the Duttons from ‘Yellowstone’, here is your chance with this ranch near Bozeman MT, On Sale For $40 Million — See Inside.


The real ranch is not for sale…..YET. But you CAN rent a cabin on the property. Here’s how:


Who would trademark Happy Birthday? Nobody. That’s why we’re surprised someone was allowed to trademark Taco Tuesday. But that saga is now over. Taco John’s has officially given up its Taco Tuesday trademark, and here’s why.


What flavor is bubble gum? It appears to be its own taste, but made up of what? Same with true favor of Juicy Fruit Gum. What exactly is the mysterious taste that has left bubble-blowers guessing for 130 years. One thing is for sure. We all agreed THRILLS was the WORST tasting gum OF ALL TIME. SOAP………YUCK!!!


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