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Bed Rot TikTok Challenge-The Aldean Song-THANKS for 100

Bed Rot TikTok Challenge-The Aldean Song-THANKS for 100

Headlines July 20:

-Workers at MB owned liquor distribution centres to remain on strike today. 6 Wpg stores, 1 Brandon store were open, all others in MB were closed Wed to bring attention to contract negotiations.

-MB Hydro workers reach tentative agreement, halt strike action of 2300 electrical workers.

-‘An absolute disrespect’: Brandon’s new rule requiring residents to shovel sidewalks causes concern.

-Business owners push to defund southern MB libraries over book content accused of being ‘pornographic’, petitioning local municipal governments to defund the library system.

-Woman arrested for multiple offenses in Swan River crime spree: Manitoba RCMP.

-MB has announced more than $67M toward supporting 89 capital housing projects, in 15 different communities.

-Gunman armed with heavy ammo and explosives cased scene before fatal attack on Fargo police. Man unleashed ‘murderous barrage of fire’ before being killed in standoff with officer.

-A town parade and chicken wings: What Brett Howden has planned for the Stanley Cup visit in Oakbank. It will visit with other Manitobans Mark Stone, Zach Whitecloud & Keegan Kolesar. Sioux Valley FN’s celebration will go Aug. 23 & Kolesar will have the Cup the day before. GM Kelly McCrimmon is bringing it to Brandon tomorrow!

March 1st at 7am a new journey began. And 100 episodes later, Season 1 is almost over. I still can’t believe it. “Faith is taking the first step without seeing the top of the staircase” and that’s exactly how this all began. With Visits from former co-hosts in radio, my mentor Eric Zane in Grand Rapids and Don Kollins at Twitch, my new chapter began. I have appreciated every day and continue to be thankful for the community support from listener/viewers and sponsors as Season 2 fast approaches. THANK you so much for your continued support, and for your feedback. I always want to know what is working and what we can do better. So as we approach our next 100 and Season 2, I will do my best to continue making the show better, and stay true to our mission of morning fun and conversation about “Food, Fun Places and the Mayhem of Life”.

THANKS for coming by to visit and support TIM HORTON’S CAMP DAY yesterday! 3 locations in 3 hours, sampling food and visiting with Sun Seekers! It was a great day for prizes, food and fun as we sent kids to camp! THANKS to the amazing staff at Tim’s for your hospitality and to all the awesome supporters for having a spectacular day! It was wonderful to be “LIVE ON LOCATION” again for the first time in nearly 4 years!!!! THANK-YOU!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Carla DeJong WINNER of the Summer Self Care Care Care contest with Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Certified Service Express in Brandon! THANKS to everyone who shared their great summer photos and THANKS for listening/watching to the show at twitch.tv/tylerglenshow!!!

(Carla enjoying some Campfire time: FB)

HAPPY FORTUNE COOKIE DAY! Here are some seriously funny fortune cookies:


Netflix Canada is making plan changes. The streaming giant says it’s phasing out the $9.99 “basic” option from its price plans, taking away the cheapest subscription without ads. That means new Netflix subscribers will have to decide whether they’re ready to sit through commercial breaks or fork out a bit more money for an ad-free experience. The next level up is $16.49 per month to watch without ads, with simultaneous viewing on two devices. There’s also the premium plan for $20.99 with 4K high-definition video and the option to add up to two members who don’t live in their household.


YOU have got to be kidding me. Isn’t this just a sick day? TikTokers have jumped on a trend of lying in bed all day but they could be potentially harming their mental health in the process. #bedrotting is trending. Interesting. I’m going back to bed.


UPDATE: LAS VEGAS. Tupac-Related Vegas Raid Ends with Intense Face-Off, Two People Removed. Cops raided a house in connection with the Tupac Shakur murder case, in the dead of night causing quite a scene. Are we closer to an arrest in the 1996 unsolved murder?


Deal for Vanna White. Kinda. Vanna White has negotiated her deal with “Wheel of Fortune,” but only the celebrity version, not the syndicated show, and we’re told Sony has made it clear … they’re not receptive to her demands.


Controversial song or nothing burger? Jason Aldean is getting alot of heat over his new song, and CMT has pulled this video:

The Jason Aldean song is obviously about small towns in America, but it is sparking huge debate across the country. The Tennessee chapter of the civil rights org is strongly condemning the song and Jason has issued a statement in response HERE:


DESERT ALERT! Watermelon Pie Is The Trendy Summertime Dessert You Should Know about!



Be transported to the world of #Barbie at the newly opened @Malibu Barbie Cafe in NYC. Enjoy delish food and cute cocktails all while living your best #BarbieGirl life. Don’t pass on the opportunity to experience the #BarbieCafe this summer. #NycThingsToDo #MalibuBarbieCafe #NycBucketList #BarbieMovie

♬ original sound – Good Housekeeping

BARBIE MOVIE OPENS FRIDAY and now you’ll have a trendy PINK DRINK to go with the movie. Here’s the lowdown on the Malibu Barbie Cocktail Recipe!


HEY Wait a second! A celebrity brand that is about vacations and food? I need a lawyer. Ryan is mowing my grass. TV and radio host Ryan Seacrest partners with Classic Vacations!


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